Goku Black Quotes

  • I am justice. I am the world!
  • You are a mere insect compared to my power.
  • Time to witness the beauty of true darkness.
  • You will regret ever challenging me.
  • I will paint this world in the colors of despair.
  • I am the one who will bring balance to this universe.
  • Hope is a useless emotion in the face of pure evil.
  • I am the embodiment of all your fears.
  • Your pathetic attempts to stop me are in vain.
  • I will ensure that all light is extinguished.
  • Your faith in humanity is your greatest weakness.
  • Only through pain can true growth be achieved.
  • I am the ultimate test of your strength and resolve.
  • Do you truly believe you can defeat me?
  • The righteous shall falter in my presence.
  • There is no hope for realms that oppose me.

Best Goku Black Sayings

  • You cannot comprehend the depths of my power.
  • Your resistance is futile.
  • Witness the destruction I bring, and despair.
  • I will purge this world in the name of darkness.
  • Your feeble attempts at heroism amuse me.
  • I am the shadow that looms over your feeble existence.
  • There is no salvation from the darkness that consumes all.
  • I will annihilate everything you hold dear.
  • There is no escape from the clutches of my darkness.
  • Your screams of agony only further fuel my power.
  • There is no limit to my hunger for destruction.
  • I am the nightmare that haunts your every waking moment.
  • You are nothing more than a pawn in my grand design.
  • I will shatter the light and bathe the world in black.
  • All shall kneel before me and know true fear.
  • I relish in the despair of those who dare to oppose me.
  • There is no hope, only darkness.

Universe Goku Black Sayings

  • Your resistance is a pitiful display of futility.
  • The end is near, and I am the bringer of doom.
  • Your resistance only prolongs the inevitable.
  • Embrace the darkness, for it is all that remains.
  • This world belongs to me, and me alone.
  • I am the manifestation of all evil in the universe.
  • Prepare to be consumed by the abyss of my power.
  • There is no salvation, only eternal damnation.
  • Your hope is a spark in the face of a raging inferno.
  • I revel in the destruction that follows in my wake.
  • Your attempts to defy me are laughable at best.
  • I will extinguish every last trace of light from your world.
  • There is no mercy for those who oppose me.
  • The darkness within me is without limit.
  • Your heroics mean nothing in the face of my power.
  • I will tear this world apart and rebuild it in my image.
  • Bow before me, for I am your true and only master.

FAQ Goku Black Quotes

What does Vegeta say about turning anger into power in “Dragon Ball Super”?

Vegeta, known for his intense pride and power, often speaks about using anger as a source of strength. In “Dragon Ball Super,” he exemplifies the Saiyan way of transforming emotions into physical power. One of his notable quotes that encapsulate this ideology is, “I use my anger to become more powerful. It’s a Saiyan’s source of strength.” This philosophy is a cornerstone for Vegeta’s character, showcasing how Saiyans channel their emotions to surpass their limits and achieve new forms of power.

How does Beerus, the God of Destruction, describe his role and perspective on mortals in “Dragon Ball Super”?

Beerus, the God of Destruction of Universe 7, has a complex relationship with mortals, often viewing them from a much higher perspective due to his divine status. In “Dragon Ball Super,” Beerus explains his role not merely as a destroyer but as a necessary force to maintain the balance of the universe by removing planets to allow new growth. He sometimes expresses frustration with the actions of mortals, yet he also shows a level of curiosity and even fondness for Earth’s cuisine and the unorthodox strength of its fighters. His dialogue often reflects a balance between his duties as a god and his personal whims, revealing the depth of his character beyond destruction.

In “Dragon Ball Super,” how is the transformation into Super Saiyan Blue described, and who achieves this form?

Super Saiyan Blue is described as a form that combines the power of Super Saiyan God with the first Super Saiyan form, allowing a Saiyan to utilize godly ki. This transformation is notably achieved by both Goku and Vegeta in “Dragon Ball Super.” It is characterized by the user’s hair and aura turning a vibrant shade of blue, signifying the immense power and calm mind required to control this godly energy. Goku first achieves this form during his battle with Frieza in his resurrected form, while Vegeta attains it through his rigorous training with Whis, Beerus’s attendant. Super Saiyan Blue represents a level of power that far exceeds the capabilities of traditional Saiyan forms, allowing them to fight on par with deities and other divine beings.

What is the significance of the team-up between Goku Black and Future Zamasu in “Dragon Ball Super,” and how do they justify their actions?

The team-up between Goku Black and Future Zamasu in “Dragon Ball Super” serves as a pivotal arc that challenges the heroes with foes who share a twisted ideology. Goku Black is the present Zamasu who switched bodies with Son Goku, while Future Zamasu is the Zamasu of Trunk’s timeline, who harbors hatred towards mortals. Together, they justify their actions with the belief that mortals are inherently violent and corrupt, undeserving of the worlds they inhabit. They see themselves as divine retributors, aiming to eradicate all mortals to create a “utopia” across the multiverse. Their partnership is marked by a shared disdain for the “failures” of the gods for allowing mortals to exist unchecked. This alliance highlights a dark parallel to the Saiyans’ ability to grow and adapt; instead of physical strength, Zamasu exploits the Saiyan body (in the case of Goku Black) and their strategic cunning to enforce their nihilistic vision of justice.

How does Trunks evolve as a character in “Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2” and what special quotes encapsulate his growth?

In “Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2,” Trunks serves as a key figure, guiding the player through their journey as a member of the Time Patrol. His evolution is marked by his determination to protect the timeline and rectify the mistakes of his past. One of his special quotes that encapsulate his growth and resolve is, “I will protect the future!” This demonstrates Trunks’s commitment to safeguarding peace, showing how he channels his experiences and the lessons learned from them into strength. His role in “Xenoverse 2” not only highlights his prowess as a fighter but also his development into a leader who inspires courage and determination.

What is the significance of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber in training the strongest fighters in the “Dragon Ball” anime?

The Hyperbolic Time Chamber, known in the anime for its unique properties, plays a crucial role in training the strongest fighters. Located at Kami’s Lookout, the chamber has an environment where one day outside equals one year inside, allowing fighters to undergo intensive training in a short amount of real-world time. This feature is pivotal for Goku, Vegeta, and others to rapidly increase their power levels to face formidable adversaries. The chamber’s harsh conditions, including increased gravity, temperature extremes, and a vast, empty space, push the fighters to their limits, making it an ultimate test of endurance and strength. The Hyperbolic Time Chamber represents not just a physical space but a crucible for transformation, where Saiyans and other warriors can advance far beyond their natural capabilities.

In “Dragon Ball FighterZ,” how is Fused Zamasu portrayed, and what makes him one of the strongest characters?

Fused Zamasu in “Dragon Ball FighterZ” is portrayed as a formidable antagonist, combining the might of Zamasu and the power of Goku Black into one being. What makes him one of the strongest characters in the game is his divine energy and ability to utilize both brute strength and sophisticated techniques. His moveset in “FighterZ” includes powerful blasts, divine lasso, and the ability to fly, reflecting his godly status and versatility in combat. Fused Zamasu’s unique attribute, “The Power of a God,” showcases his immense strength and durability, making him a challenging opponent. His character in the game captures the essence of his invincibility and the nihilistic drive to erase all mortals, positioning him as a pinnacle of power and a significant threat.

What drives Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black’s determination to eradicate mortals in the “Dragon Ball Super” English dub, and how does it reflect on his character?

Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black, in the “Dragon Ball Super” English dub, is driven by a twisted sense of justice and the belief that mortals are flawed beings who ruin the sanctity of the universes. His determination to eradicate mortals stems from his view that their existence is a mistake that needs correction. This belief is encapsulated in his special quotes, such as, “The world shall be remade in my vision,” reflecting his god-complex and the extent he is willing to go to achieve his ideals. Goku Black’s character is a dark reflection of the potential for power to corrupt, showcasing how his once noble intentions as Zamasu became perverted into a destructive crusade against all mortal life. His transformation into Super Saiyan Rose symbolizes not just a physical change but an ideological shift towards absolute power and disdain for those he deems unworthy, making him a compelling and formidable villain.

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