Funny College Quotes

College: where sleep is a myth and caffeine is your best friend.

If procrastinating was an Olympic sport, I’d still be training for it.

College: where the library is a second home, but the actual home is just for sleeping.

Naps are like short-term time travel during college.

I may be broke in college, but I’m rich in ramen noodles.

College: where 8 a.m. classes feel like a form of cruel and unusual punishment.

The only math I use in college is calculating how many hours I can sleep before my next class.

College professor: ‘Read Chapter 13.’ Me: *reads the first sentence and pretends to understand*

If I had a dollar for every time I questioned my life choices in college, I could afford to drop out.

College: where the syllabus is scarier than any horror movie.

I go to college for the parties… the parties in my dreams, that is.

Textbooks are just really expensive paperweights in college.

College: where independence and crippling student loan debt go hand in hand.

If learning was a superpower, I’d be the Flash in college… because I’m always running late.

College diet: pizza, coffee, and dreams of a healthier lifestyle.

I’m not a morning person, but I pretend to be one in college.

If attendance was a grade, I would have a PhD in skipping class.

My alarm clock is my worst enemy in college.

College: where you can simultaneously feel overwhelmed and underwhelmed by everything.

Group projects in college: the ultimate test of patience and teamwork.

If I had to choose between sleep and good grades in college, I’d probably choose sleep… and then panic later.

College: where a 10-page paper seems shorter than a 2-hour lecture.

Procrastinating in college is a skill that takes years of practice to master.

College: where ‘All-Nighter’ becomes a legitimate lifestyle choice.

In college, ‘I’ll do it later’ is my mantra.

College: the only place where wearing pajamas to class is socially acceptable.

The hardest part of college is trying to sound smart during discussions.

College tip: always carry snacks to ward off hunger and existential crises.

In college, the most valuable thing you learn is how to BS your way through any situation.

College: where you pay to be stressed, sleep-deprived, and perpetually confused.

I’m not procrastinating, I’m just embracing the creative process in college.

My superpower in college is turning coffee into tears of exhaustion.

College: where you’re expected to have your life together, but actually spend most of your time in sweatpants.

The library is my sanctuary in college… until I fall asleep in one of the armchairs.

College: where time flies faster than your ability to finish assignments.

Coffee is the only thing that keeps me going in college… and the fear of being a disappointment to my parents.

If Google disappeared, college students would be lost… like a freshman on the first day of class.

College: where you end up spending more time looking for parking than actually attending lectures.

College = permanent state of confusion.

College is all about mastering the art of pretending to pay attention.

College tip: avoid looking at your bank account to maintain a sense of false security.

College: where the syllabus is longer than most novels.

I’m not sure if I chose college or if college chose me… either way, I’m here.

Being a broke college student is a good reminder to appreciate the little things in life… like free food at campus events.

College: where the WiFi is stronger than my will to study.

Surviving college is all about finding the perfect balance between caffeine and meltdowns.

If I had a nickel for every time I said ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ in college, I could pay off my student loans.

I don’t always know the answer in college, but when I do, it’s usually on the final exam.

College: where you can develop a deep love-hate relationship with your alarm clock.

The real graduation ceremony is not when you get your diploma; it’s when you finally pay off your student loans.

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