Welcome to Night Vale Quotes

Welcome to Night Vale, where time is a construct and reality is optional.

In Night Vale, you never know if the angels are watching over you or plotting your demise.

Remember, all conspiracy theories are true in Night Vale.

Don’t look directly at the hooded figures, it only encourages them.

Welcome to Night Vale, where the mundane and the supernatural coexist peacefully… mostly.

In Night Vale, the librarians are a secret society with knowledge that can destroy the world.

It’s a beautiful day in Night Vale, where the sunsets are always on fire.

We don’t question the Glow Cloud in Night Vale, we just try to avoid being consumed by it.

Welcome to Night Vale, where the weather report may or may not be predicting your imminent doom.

The Night Vale radio station: the only place where talking jackrabbits are considered normal.

In Night Vale, the cats are in charge and the humans are merely their loyal servants.

If you see a house that doesn’t belong, just pretend it’s always been there.

In Night Vale, the PTA meetings are more like coven gatherings.

Welcome to Night Vale, where our public library is a dangerous place filled with deadly secrets.

We’ve attempted to count the trees in Night Vale, but they keep moving when you’re not looking.

In Night Vale, the dog park is strictly off-limits to dogs.

Don’t panic if you see glowing clouds in Night Vale, it’s just a normal Tuesday.

Welcome to Night Vale, where time doesn’t exist but deadlines do.

In Night Vale, the faceless old woman who secretly lives in your home is a respected member of the community.

Remember, when life hands you lemons in Night Vale, it’s best to leave them alone before they sprout tentacles.

In Night Vale, the public library is both a source of knowledge and a potential portal to other dimensions.

Welcome to Night Vale, where the coffee is always hot and the baristas are always slightly unsettling.

Remember, Night Vale citizens, the town clock is not an invitation for time travel, no matter how tempting it may be.

In Night Vale, the radio host is the town’s unofficial therapist, conspiracy theorist, and weather reporter.

Welcome to Night Vale, where the desert is alive with the sound of whispered secrets.

In Night Vale, the Sheriff’s Secret Police are not so secret, and they’re definitely not your friends.

Remember, Night Vale citizens, the forbidden dog park is not a place to walk your actual dog.

Welcome to Night Vale, where the sandstorm brings both destruction and messages from distant lands.

In Night Vale, the Night Vale Elementary School is not responsible for the eldritch horrors that may lurk in its halls.

Beware of the hooded figures in Night Vale, they may ask you for your name and steal your soul.

Welcome to Night Vale, where the forbidden knowledge is freely available at the public library.

In Night Vale, the city council meetings are really just elaborate performances of cosmic significance.

Remember, the Dog Park in Night Vale is not a safe space for humans, or dogs for that matter.

Welcome to Night Vale, where the angels are not to be trusted, but the secret police are even more suspicious.

In Night Vale, dogs are not allowed, but the scratching at your door might be something even worse.

Be careful when buying produce in Night Vale, the farmers market is known for its sentient vegetables.

Welcome to Night Vale, where the Night Vale Opera House is home to both delightful performances and eldritch horrors.

In Night Vale, the hooded figures are not to be feared, they’re just misunderstood fashionistas.

Remember, if you see something strange in Night Vale, just pretend it’s part of the live action role-playing event.

Welcome to Night Vale, where the radio host has the voice of an angel and the nightmares of a demon.

In Night Vale, the cats are the real rulers, and scratching behind their ears is a sign of submission.

If you ever find yourself lost in Night Vale, just follow the sound of ominous humming.

Welcome to Night Vale, where the public library’s fine system is based on your deepest, darkest secrets.

In Night Vale, the laws of physics are more like suggestions, and gravity is just for show.

Remember, the Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives in Your Home in Night Vale is more of a nosy neighbor than a threat.

Welcome to Night Vale, where the angels have razor-sharp teeth and the demons have a heart of gold.

In Night Vale, the smiling god is not to be trusted, but the glow cloud should be worshipped.

Don’t be alarmed if you hear strange noises coming from the radio in Night Vale, it’s just the voices of the long-dead.

Welcome to Night Vale, where the city motto is ‘If you’re not paranoid, you’re not paying attention.’

In Night Vale, the town motto is ‘All hail the mighty glow cloud, our savior and destroyer.’

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