Lil Uzi Quotes: Unpacking the Wisdom

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I’m not from Earth, from the far beyond.

I’m a rockstar, I can’t help but doing what’s not ordinary.

Harder than hate, that’s why I’m always pulling up in Rari’s.

At the end of the day, I am who I am, and I have to love that person.

My whole life, I never really felt normal. I always felt a little off.

Music is the only thing stopping me from being really lonely.

Diamonds they look like Dasani, more like Voss.

I’m just a rockstar, not a doctor. But I could make your heart beat.

Push me to the edge, all my friends are dead.

You got the best advice but I won’t call.

I like to take something that’s super classic and really destruct it.

Stand on my money, I am tall as Yao Ming.

Why should I have fear? Fear doesn’t drive me. It scares me, but it makes me better.

I know you are special, girl, because I know too many.

No, I don’t need nobody on the road to the riches.

Live life, you can’t relive it. That’s why I stay living.

Got so many colors in my diamond, you’d think it was a rainbow.

None of you people can tell me to stop.

I can’t trust no one else, so I talk to myself.

The only person who cares about you as much as you do is you.

Stay committed, don’t be afraid, the success is a process.

What’s right to me, may not be right to you.

Flexing on you that’s my exercise.

Growing up, no one understood what I was experiencing.

Already saw it all, I think that I’m psychic.

Running from the past, but my sins keep on following.

Turned to a savage, pocket got fatter, she call me daddy.

Can’t worry ’bout what a nigga think now, that’s Liberation.

Took what I wanted but now I don’t need it.

I’m committed, not addicted. There’s a difference.

Money got longer, speakers got louder, car got faster.

My money blue, but I ain’t cripping though.

I get money, I don’t get mad.

I am the same, just have a different view.

I am an octopus, I cannot breathe without water. So, I put diamonds on my tentacles.

Got a lot of bands, and I’m flexing, now I’m not a human being.

Even though I know the seeds, I never know the flower.

I don’t care if you cry, On the real, you should’ve never lied.

Push me to the edge, all my friends are dead.

I ain’t got no time, spend my time on TV shows.

That’s Goyard leather, I’m a Goyard messenger.

Ten steps ahead, I’m a visionary.

You know that I am greedy for love.

They know I am the king of my city like Leon.

I am not a talker, I am moving in silence.

I told myself if I go out, then I out with a bang.

All of the ones that doubted me, they gonna feel the wrath.

I don’t really care if you cry, on the real you should’ve never lied.

Push me to the edge, all my friends are dead.

I said baby I am not afraid to die.

Was counting that money out, ain?t that because when you keep it all together, you make it all appear.

Things get dark, but my aura just starts glowing.

I’m not from earth, I’m from outer space.

She said I am not afraid to die, all my friends are dead.

All this money and I won’t even buy a necklace.

So I treat her like gold, though I treated her average.

Turn dreams to a lifestyle, that?s my only goal.

I know you?re sad and tired. You?ve got nothing left to give. You?ll find another life to live. I know that you?ll get over it.

At the end of the day, music is all we got.

I had to get my own so I would never have to borrow.

I?m different that?s one thing I know.

All my diamonds shine because they really diamonds.

Money keep coming in, can’t make no U-turn.

I was on a roll, yeah, securing a bag.

Everybody has their downfalls, but you are never out.

I could never fold, Bentley Azure it’s red.

Keep my feet grounded even though I stay flying.

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