Understanding Angry Expressions: A Comprehensive Guide

close up portrait of a pretty young caucasian girl with an angry face looking outraged and mad looking at the camera human facial expressions and em w3pmy9

Boiling like a teapot

Furious as a raging storm

Hot under the collar

Bristling with anger

Eyes spitting fire

Seething with rage

Grinding teeth in fury

Hair standing on end in anger

Heart pounding with vexation

Frowned in wrath

Lost in a sea of fury

Smoldering with indignation

Bubbling with rage

Simmering with anger

Red-faced with irritation

Biting back fury

Burning with resentment

Steaming in wrath

Raging like a bull

Ticked off to the max

Fire in the veins

Smoke out of ears

Roaring with anger

Spewing venom with each word

Carrying the weight of fury

Boiling like a kettle.

Furious as a wild bull.

Angry as a hornet.

Simmering with rage.

Seeing red.

Bristling with anger.

Hot under the collar.

Rage like a storm.

Irate as a raging fire.

Mad as a wet hen.

Burning with fury.

Riled up like a bee nest.

Choleric as a provoked bear.

Steamed up with anger.

Tempestuous as a tornado.

Heated like a volcano about to erupt.

Agitated as a thundercloud.

Irritated as an oyster.

Cross as a bear with a sore head.

Seething with indignation.

Fuming like an overheated engine.

Inflamed with wrath.

Sore as a wounded tiger.

Ticked off like a time bomb.

Gritty as a gritted teeth.

Roaring like a lion.

Raging like a hurricane.

Wrathful as a vengeful god.

Enraged like a mother bear.

Explosively mad.

Blowing a gasket

Fuming like a chimney

Spitting nails

Raging like a storm

Having a cow

Foaming at the mouth

Seeing red

Having kittens

Throwing a tantrum

Boiling over with anger

Burning up with rage

Steaming like a kettle

Having a field day

Up in arms

Chomping at the bit

Hot under the collar

Rattling one’s cage

Chewing the scenery

On the warpath

Ready to blow a fuse

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