Top Inspirational Quotes About Becoming a Bigger Person

this is not being the bigger person

Choosing to be the bigger person is about choosing growth over gratification.

Being a bigger person means letting go of those who are not brave enough to love you.

Always be the bigger person, and let your actions speak for what is in your heart.

The real strength lies in becoming the bigger person in our conflicts and life struggles.

Being the bigger person doesn’t mean you are weak, it means you value the peace more than the victory.

In the confrontations of life, be the bigger person and walk away from the petty road to take the road of humility.

Sometimes, being a bigger person means one is mature enough to accept the reality and wise enough to drop the negativity.

Being the bigger person means forgiving those who aren’t even sorry.

No matter how big a person is physically, true size is determined by the size of the heart.

It’s the brave who walk away because being the bigger person means making the harder choice.

Standing tall is not about the height, it’s about being the bigger person in situations.

Choosing the high road is rarely easy, but it is a clear sign of being the bigger person.

Being the bigger person gives you both: growth and respect.

Life is too short for petty fights and divides. Choose today to be the bigger person.

The tiniest act of kindness can make you the bigger person in the eye of the beholder.

To walk away from conflict is not losing, it?s having the wisdom to be the bigger person.

You’re not a bigger person from your size, but from the size of actions that you take.

Being the bigger person is using our voices for love, not hate.

Acting big is not about reducing others, it?s about expanding yourself.

Being the bigger person is about making a room in your heart for forgiveness, and kicking out grudge through the back door.

Being the bigger person doesn’t mean you’re weak, it means you’re wise enough to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Sometimes being the bigger person means walking away from an unworthy opponent.

The strength of a person is often seen in their ability to be the ‘bigger person’ during difficult times.

Being the bigger person doesn’t always feel rewarding immediately, but it builds character in the long run.

The higher road might be a tougher climb, but it always offers a better view.

In the grand scheme of life, be the bigger person, for pettiness blocks the path to peace.

A bigger person doesn’t belittle others; they lift them up.

Being the bigger person is not about winning or losing; it’s about respect and inner peace.

The true measure of a bigger person is their ability to rise above smallness.

A bigger person is defined not by their stature but by the size of their heart.

Being the bigger person doesn’t mean merely tolerating the wrong; it stands for finding forgiveness amidst the right.

Size doesn’t define a bigger person, but the size of the problems they’re willing to confront does.

True courage is being the bigger person when it’s easier to be small.

Choose your battles wisely, and when in doubt, choose to be the bigger person.

The mind of a bigger person soars above the insignificant, choosing instead to dwell on what truly matters.

Becoming the bigger person helps you multiply your size, not reduce it.

Choose to be the bigger person, your heart will thank you for it.

Bigger persons dance to their own music, they don’t need others approval to be themselves.

Your character outshines your stature. Being a bigger person is not about physical size.

To be a bigger person, you don?t have to win fights but hearts.

Size matters, especially when it’s the size of your heart and depth of your personality.

Being the bigger person is often a silent victory, celebrated by the purity of your soul.

A big person doesn’t belittle others, they lift them up.

The true measurement of your size is how many people feel sheltered in your presence.

A bigger person measures their worth by their character, not others’ opinions.

To be a bigger person, doesn’t always mean you let things go. It means you stand up, but with dignity and respect.

Being a bigger person in a small world is a feat of character.

A bigger person is someone who knows how to rise above small things.

It’s the biggest of us who can become small with humility, and rise big with humanity.

Bigger is not always about the physical height, but the height of your thinking and wideness of your understanding.

Being the bigger person is about walking away from petty arguments knowing it doesn?t decrease your worth.

The essence of being a bigger person is the maturity to accept that people make mistakes and the strength to forgive them.

Becoming a bigger person shines out your light. It doesn?t dim the lights of others.

A bigger person knows when to hold on and when to let go.

The beauty of being a bigger person is not the praises from surrounding, but the peace within.

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