The Body Keeps the Score Quotes

The body keeps the score of our deepest emotions.

Our body remembers what our mind tries to forget.

The way we carry our body reflects our inner struggles.

In the body, every emotion has a story to tell.

The body carries the weight of our unspoken words.

Our body is a silent record of our past experiences.

The body is a powerful storyteller that speaks through sensations.

The body is a messenger that whispers the language of emotions.

Listening to the body’s wisdom can heal the wounds of the soul.

The body is a canvas where emotions leave their mark.

The scars on our body tell a tale of resilience and strength.

The body is a sanctuary where healing begins.

Our body is a mirror reflecting our insecurities and self-love.

Acknowledging the body’s pain is the first step towards healing.

Our body holds the memories we can’t put into words.

The body is a temple, deserving of love and care.

The body is a map of our life’s journey.

Embracing our body’s imperfections empowers us to love ourselves unconditionally.

The body is a compass guiding us towards our true desires.

The body is a witness to our joys and sorrows alike.

Our body communicates what words fail to express.

The body is a vessel for our emotions to flow through.

Our body’s sensations reveal the truth hidden within us.

The body’s wisdom transcends language and culture.

Our body’s intuition knows what our mind can’t comprehend.

The body is a messenger that speaks when our voice falters.

Our body is a work of art, each scar a brushstroke of resilience.

The body’s pain is a reminder to slow down and listen.

The body’s sensations are the soundtrack to our inner world.

The body’s rhythm dances to the beat of our emotions.

The body is a vessel that carries the weight of our dreams.

Listening to the body’s whispers can guide us towards self-discovery.

The body is a garden that blooms when nurtured with self-love.

Our body’s energy mirrors our state of mind.

The body is a sanctuary where our soul finds solace.

The body’s language is a universal dialect spoken by all.

The body is a masterpiece, each curve and contour telling a story.

Our body’s breath is a reminder of the life force within us.

The body’s scars are reminders of battles won and lessons learned.

Listening to the body’s needs is an act of self-respect.

The body is a compass guiding us towards self-acceptance.

Our body’s pain is a call to be gentle with ourselves.

The body is a canvas where we express our deepest emotions.

Our body is a temple, deserving of love and reverence.

The body’s sensations are a doorway to self-awareness.

The body is a vessel that carries our hopes and dreams.

Listening to the body’s wisdom is a form of self-care.

The body’s movements tell a story of our authenticity and self-expression.

Our body’s sensations are a reminder of our interconnectedness with the world.

The body keeps the score, but it is up to us to rewrite the narrative.

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