• Don’t talk shit, just do it!

    If talking shit were a sport, you’d be the champion.

    Talk less, do more.

    Those who talk shit, live in it.

    Talk shit, get hit.

    Words without action are just empty talk.

    Some people just can’t help but talk shit, it’s in their DNA.

    When you talk shit, you build a reputation as a fool.

    Talking shit won’t make your dreams come true.

    Talk shit with caution, karma takes notes.

    Don’t waste your breath on bullshit.

    The world is full of shit-talkers, be a doer.

    Talking shit is easy, being real is what takes courage.

    Talking shit is a sign of weakness, not strength.

    If talking shit was an Olympic event, you’d win gold.

    Talking shit won’t make you any friends.

    Words have power, don’t waste them on shit.

    Talking shit is the pastime of the ignorant.

    Don’t let the shit-talkers bring you down, rise above.

    Talking shit won’t improve your situation, only action will.

    The best response to shit-talking is success.

    Talking shit may feel good in the moment, but it’s empty in the long run.

    Actions speak louder than shit-talk.

    Life’s too short to waste on shit-talkers.

    Talk shit if you must, but be prepared for the consequences.

    Talking shit is a poor substitute for intelligence.

    It’s easy to talk shit, but it takes character to back it up.

    Talking shit won’t make you any less of a loser.

    The loudest talkers often have the least to say.

    Don’t let the shit-talkers derail your dreams.

    Talking shit is a temporary high, success is everlasting.

    If you’re talking shit, you’re not focused on your own growth.

    Shit-talking is the language of the weak-minded.

    Talk shit if you have nothing better to do, but don’t expect anyone to care.

    Talking shit won’t make you any smarter, only action will.

    Don’t let the shit-talkers rent space in your head.

    Talking shit is like throwing stones at a glass house.

    It’s better to be known for your actions than your shit-talking.

    The world needs less shit-talkers and more doers.

    Talking shit is a waste of breath, use it wisely.

    Shit-talkers are like mosquitoes, annoying but ultimately insignificant.

    Talking shit won’t change the world, but your actions might.

    Don’t give shit-talkers the satisfaction, rise above.

    Talking shit won’t make you any happier, only action will.

    The truth speaks louder than shit-talk.

    Shit-talkers are like shadows, always lurking but lacking substance.

    Talking shit is a coward’s way of asserting their false superiority.

    Don’t stoop to the level of shit-talkers, rise above.

    Shit-talkers thrive on negativity, don’t give them the satisfaction.

    Talking shit is a waste of time, use it wisely.

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