Sparkling Collection: Glitter Quotes and Sayings

leave a little sparkle wherever you go quote 1
    • All the world needs is an extra sprinkle of glitter.
    • Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins.
    • Life won’t sparkle unless you do.
    • She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten.
    • Shine bright like a diamond; glitter like gold.
    • Keep calm and throw some glitter on it.
    • You’re never too old to play with glitter.
    • In a world full of matte, be glitter.
    • Glitter: making ordinary life extraordinary.
    • When in doubt, just add glitter.

    Glitter Quotes for Instagram

    • Glitter is the new black.
    • Leave a little sparkle wherever you go.
    • Your life is a canvas; make sure to cover it in glitter.
    • Every day is a good day to glitter.
    • Be your own kind of beautiful, be your own kind of glitter.
    • Life’s short, glitter it up.
    • A day without glitter is a day wasted.
    • Don’t let anyone ever dull your sparkle.
    • Glitter: the breakfast of champions.
    • Welcome to the sparkle side of life.

    Quotes and Sayings

    • My life may not be perfect, but my glitter is.
    • Sparkle the day away.
    • Shine like glitter and glow like a star.
    • I don’t sweat, I sparkle.
    • Leave a little sparkle wherever you go.
    • I’ve never met a glitter I didn’t like.
    • When in doubt, add more glitter.
    • She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten.
    • She had galaxies in her eyes and a universe in her mind.
    • Keep calm and sparkle on.

    Best Glitter Quotes

    • She’s bright like glitter and bubbly like champagne.
    • All that glitters is not gold, but it’s still pretty awesome.
    • Be your own kind of beautiful, because sparkle is never out of style.
    • She sparkles like sunshine.
    • I don’t shine, I glitter.
    • Get your sparkle on, show this world where you belong.
    • Life is short, make it sparkle.
    • Throw some glitter, make it rain.
    • Shine bright like a diamond.
    • The world needs your sparkle, never let anyone dull your shine.

    Sparkle Quotes

    • Glitter is my favorite color.
    • She’s mad but she’s magic, there’s no lie in her sparkle.
    • Bright lights and glitter makes everything better.
    • I was born to sparkle.
    • Let the world be your stage and glitter your spotlight.
    • Too glam to give a damn.
    • Because when you stop and look around, life is pretty amazing with the glitter.
    • Life won’t sparkle unless you do.
    • In a world full of matte, be glitter.
    • Let the sun kiss your face, the moon touch your soul and the glitter enhance your beauty.

    Glitter and Sparkle

    • Just remember ? diamond is made under pressure.
    • Sequins and glitter make everything better.
    • Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a glitter falls into place.
    • The only thing sparkier than her personality is her glitter.
    • She makes the world sparkle with her mind.
    • Make your life so beautiful that it’s worth all the glitter in the world.
    • Glitter: making good days better and bad days bearable.
    • You’re like a diamond: precious and rare.
    • It’s not about the sparkle in your shoe, but the sparkle in your heart.
    • One day you’ll look back and see that all along, you were glowing.

    Quotes About Glitter

    • I’d rather be covered in glitter than dust.
    • The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone, but never without her glitter.
    • Sparkle is the new black.
    • Spread love as thick as you would glitter.
    • Life is all about the sparkle.
    • Embrace messy hair and a glittery life.
    • The only thing better than glitter is more glitter.
    • Life’s too short not to sparkle.
    • Sparkle, it?s good for the soul.
    • Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.

    Motivational Quotes About Sparkle

    • Leave a little sparkle wherever you go.
    • Life won’t sparkle unless you do.
    • Throw glitter in today?s face.
    • Glitter is my signature color.
    • Be a diamond that radiates glitter.
    • Shine bright like a diamond and throw your glitter in the air.
    • You are never fully dressed without glitter.
    • Glitter: it’s like confetti from the universe.
    • She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten.
    • Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins.

    Inspirational Quotes and Captions

    • My soul is full of glitter and gold.
    • Glitter makes everything better.
    • Less Bitter, More Glitter.
    • Life is short, apply more glitter.
    • Sparkle more, shine bright.
    • Don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle.
    • Keep calm and glitter on.
    • Her heart was made of liquid sunsets and glitter.
    • Her smile was art, and her eyes full of glitter.
    • Glitter is always an option.

    Glitter Sayings

    • Eat glitter for breakfast and shine all day.
    • She?s bright like a glitter and bubbly like champagne.
    • Let your soul sparkle.
    • Glitter in my veins, Jesus in my heart.
    • She?s made of moon dust and drops of glitter.
    • I don’t sweat, I glitter.
    • A little magic can take you a long way, a little glitter can make your day shine.
    • She’s got that sparkle in her eyes.
    • Live brightly, shine brightly, and always carry glitter.
    • There’s no such thing as too much glitter.

    FAQ Best Sparkle Quotes and Sayings

    • What kind of sparkly inspiration can you find on Etsy for girl room art that promotes positivity and sparkle?

    • On Etsy, you can find inspirational wall art designed to add a little sparkle to any girl’s room. These artworks often feature positive quotes such as “Leave a little sparkle wherever she goes” in beautiful, sparkly fonts, sometimes adorned with gold glitter or silver polish, perfect for inspiring positivity and a fabulous flair in home decor.

      How can makeup serve as an inspiration for printable wall art that encourages one to “sparkle every day”?

    • Makeup, with its myriad of colors and the ability to transform and uplift, serves as the perfect inspiration for printable wall art. A quote like “Sparkle every day” can be visually represented through images of sparkly eyeshadow palettes or brushes dipped in glitter, embodying the idea that, like makeup, a little bit of sparkle can dramatically brighten one’s outlook.

      What is a positive quote that could be used for office decor, inspiring individuals to add a bit of sparkle and shine to their work environment?

    • A positive quote for office decor that inspires sparkle and shine could be “Bring a lot of sparkle into the big black space,” reminding everyone that creativity and positivity can illuminate even the dullest of days and tasks, making the work environment more lively and colorful.

      Can you suggest a custom t-shirt design that incorporates the idea of leaving “a little sparkle wherever she goes” for an Instagram post?

    • A custom t-shirt design ideal for an Instagram post could feature the phrase “Leave a little sparkle wherever she goes” in sparkling silver or purple letters against a deep black or vibrant background. The design could include motifs such as fairy dust, stars, or even a subtle glitter effect to really make the message stand out and inspire others to spread positivity and sparkle in their daily lives.

      How might a lyric from Shahla Khan be used to inspire a piece of girl bedroom quote art, emphasizing the theme of sparkle and glitter?

    • A lyric from Shahla Khan that emphasizes sparkle and glitter, such as “Always a sunrise, even in the lives of men where misfortune comes in sand,” can inspire girl bedroom quote art by illustrating the idea that there is always hope and brightness, symbolized by sparkle and glitter, even in challenging times. This could be visually represented through the contrast of a dark background with bright, sparkly text or imagery of a sunrise with glittering rays.

      What downloadable content can provide inspiration for crafting a piece of inspirational wall art that incorporates the themes of sparkle and shine with a message like “add a little sparkle every day”?

    • Downloadable content for crafting inspirational wall art could include templates or digital files featuring quotes like “Add a little sparkle every day” in a stylish font adorned with elements of sparkle and glitter, such as gold or silver flecks. These can be printed on high-quality paper and placed in a sleek frame to serve as a daily reminder to find and spread joy and positivity through the little things that make life shine.

      How can the concept of “always a sunrise” be creatively included in home decor to bring an inspirational and sparkly atmosphere into the lives of its inhabitants?

    • The concept of “always a sunrise” can be creatively included in home decor through artwork that depicts a literal sunrise, using gold glitter or sparkly silver accents to mimic the sun’s rays breaking through a big black space. This can serve as a powerful metaphor for hope and renewal, beautifully capturing the idea that no matter the darkness, there is always a moment of beauty and sparkle to look forward to, making it a perfect inspirational piece for any living space.

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