New Orleans Sayings

Laissez les bon temps rouler! – Let the good times roll!

Who dat! – A popular cheer for the New Orleans Saints football team.

Pass a good time – Have a great time.

Nawlins – A slang term for New Orleans.

Makin’ groceries – Going grocery shopping.

Throw me somethin’, mister! – A common phrase during Mardi Gras, asking for someone to throw them a trinket or bead.

Making a roux – Cooking a mixture of fat and flour as a base for many New Orleans dishes.

Po’ boy – A type of sandwich made with meat or seafood served on French bread.

Second line – A traditional New Orleans brass band parade where spectators join in and dance behind the band.

Beaucoup – A lot or many.

The Big Easy – A nickname for New Orleans due to its laid-back lifestyle.

Beads, beers, and brass bands – A description of the festive atmosphere during Mardi Gras.

Let the good times roll down Bourbon Street – Embrace the lively energy and entertainment of the famous street.

Gumbo ya-ya – A metaphorical term for the mixture of cultures, languages, and traditions found in New Orleans.

Jazz it up! – Add excitement or flair to something.

Dat’s how we roll in NOLA – That’s how we do things in New Orleans.

Krewe – A social organization that puts on Mardi Gras parades and balls.

Makin’ like a crawfish and backsteppin’ – Avoiding a situation or backing out of a commitment.

The Crescent City – Another nickname for New Orleans due to its location on the curve of the Mississippi River.

Good food, good music, and good company – The essentials for a great time in New Orleans.

Beignets and cafe au lait – A popular breakfast in New Orleans, consisting of fried doughnuts and coffee with milk.

Takin’ it to the streets – Bringing a party or musical performance out onto the streets.

Ain’t nothin’ like a NOLA parade – Nothing compares to the energy and excitement of a New Orleans parade.

Do whatcha wanna – Do whatever you want or feel like doing.

Rollin’ on the river – Enjoying life along the Mississippi River in New Orleans.

Keep calm and eat gumbo – A playful twist on the famous phrase, encouraging people to enjoy a traditional New Orleans dish.

Bourbon Street is callin’ my name – I’m ready for a night out on the most famous street in New Orleans.

From po’ boys to beignets, New Orleans cuisine can’t be beat – The food in New Orleans is unbeatable, from sandwiches to fried doughnuts.

Gettin’ funky in the French Quarter – Having a great time and letting loose in the historic district of New Orleans.

Lettin’ the good times flow like the Mississippi – Embracing the fun and excitement of New Orleans.

Talkin’ like a true New Orleanian – Speaking with the unique accent and dialect of the city.

Beignets: The taste of New Orleans in every bite – Describing the deliciousness of the city’s famous fried doughnuts.

Lagniappe – A little something extra, a bonus gift or surprise.

Bounce to the beat of New Orleans – Dance and move to the energetic rhythms of the city’s music.

NOLA is where the magic happens – New Orleans is a city known for its enchanting and unique experiences.

Crawfish boils and good ol’ Southern hospitality – Enjoying a traditional Louisiana seafood feast and friendly manners.

Ain’t no party like a New Orleans party – The city knows how to celebrate and have a good time like no other.

Walking the levees and soaking up the sunshine – Taking a stroll along the riverbanks and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Keepin’ it spicy like a bowl of jambalaya – Adding excitement and flavor to life, just like the famous New Orleans dish.

Livin’ and lovin’ NOLA-style – Embracing the vibrant and passionate spirit of the city.

Treme ain’t just a TV show, it’s a way of life – Referring to the historic neighborhood in New Orleans known for its rich culture and music.

New Orleans: Where history and culture collide – Describing the unique blend of influences found in the city.

Loup garou – A mythical creature in New Orleans folklore, similar to the werewolf.

NOLA: The birthplace of jazz – Recognizing New Orleans as the city where jazz originated.

Jazz Fest: The soundtrack to springtime in New Orleans – Referring to the city’s annual music festival that celebrates the rich musical heritage.

New Orleans: Where the good times never stop rollin’ – Highlighting the city’s reputation for continuous celebration and fun.

Red beans and rice: A taste of New Orleans’ soul – Describing a classic New Orleans dish that represents the city’s soulful culinary traditions.

Kings and queens reign during Mardi Gras – Referring to the royalty and pageantry associated with the festival.

Bayou beauty: The natural wonders of Louisiana – Recognizing the scenic beauty found in the state’s marshy landscapes.

NOLA: More than a city, it’s a way of life – Emphasizing the unique and vibrant cultural experience that New Orleans offers.

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