Monsters Inc Roz Quotes

There’s nothing scarier than paperwork, am I right?

Don’t judge a monster by its glasses!

Roz is the queen of multitasking… and nagging!

I may not have any fangs, but I can still make your skin crawl!

Be careful, you never know when Roz is watching!

Roz’s glare could turn even the bravest monster to jelly!

If looks could kill, Roz would be the most powerful monster in the company!

Roz knows all your dirty little secrets… and she’s not afraid to use them against you!

Don’t mess with Roz, or she’ll have you running scared!

Roz’s favorite hobbies include scaring, nagging, and scaring while nagging!

Roz may not be the scariest monster, but she definitely knows how to get under your skin!

Roz’s clipboard is mightier than any sword!

Roz’s favorite pastime is making monsters squirm!

Roz takes her job so seriously, she even scares other monsters in her sleep!

Roz may look innocent, but she’s a monster with a mission!

Roz’s catchphrase: ‘I’m watching you… and you… and you!’

Roz is the ultimate authority figure in Monstropolis!

Roz’s stare can strip paint off a wall!

Roz’s glare could turn a troll to stone!

Roz’s motto: ‘No funny business… unless I say it’s funny!’

Roz doesn’t need screams to get the job done… she just needs a few pointed looks!

Monsters Inc Roz Quotes part 2

Roz is the master of passive-aggressive scaring!

Roz’s presence alone is enough to make a monster’s blood run cold!

Roz’s favorite type of scare is the psychological kind!

Roz’s favorite accessory? A pen to check off items on her to-do list!

Roz is a monster who knows how to get things done… even if it means scaring a few coworkers along the way!

Roz can negotiate a deal scarier than any scream!

Roz’s superpower is making even the toughest monster break out in a cold sweat!

Roz doesn’t need a magic spell to make monsters tremble… just a stern look!

Roz’s secret weapon: the dreaded performance review!

Roz is the monster version of a human resources nightmare!

Roz’s desk is as organized as her scares!

Roz knows all the rules… and she’s not afraid to enforce them!

Roz’s favorite color is red… because it’s the color of correction!

Roz is Monstropolis’ resident tough cookie!

Roz’s filing system is scarier than any monster under your bed!

Roz’s hobbies include scaring, nagging, and collecting employee infractions!

Roz’s favorite pastime is catching monsters in the act… of breaking the rules!

Roz’s catchphrase: ‘I see everything… and I mean everything!’

Roz’s secret talent? Scaring without even lifting a finger!

Roz’s favorite holiday is Halloween… because it’s the one night when she blends in with everyone else!

Roz’s office is the scariest place in Monstropolis!

Roz’s favorite type of scare is the one that keeps monsters on their toes!

Roz’s favorite game? Hide and seek… where she’s always the seeker!

Roz’s favorite accessory? A ruler for measuring the correct distance between scares!

Roz’s glare could freeze the hottest monster in their tracks!

Roz’s favorite motivational quote: ‘Scare first, ask questions later!’

Roz’s scaring technique: stealth and surprise!

Roz’s birthday wish? To scare every monster into submission!

Roz’s signature move: the dreaded surprise inspection!

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