Mario Brothers: Quotes and Sayings That Define the Legendary Characters


Just another day in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Power up for the next adventure.

Game over? No way, just a chance to power up.

Keep calm and save the princess.

One man’s trash is another man’s power mushroom.

Riding Yoshi to the finish line since

In this kingdom, we dress in red and blue.

Keep jumping until you reach the flag.

Stars can’t shine without darkness. Keep hunting for that star power.

Even in a warp pipe, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

Bowser or not, the princess is worth the adventure.

It’s not the size of the Luigi in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the Luigi.

Mario doesn’t need a cape to fly, just a power-up.

In this kingdom, a coin isn’t just a coin.

Every castle has its thorns.

A fire flower a day keeps the Goombas away.

It’s not about the journey, it’s about the Princess.

Always slide down the flag pole, no matter the weather.

Count your coins, not your problems.

Koopa Troopas or Hammer Bros, we keep jumping on.

A plumber?s life is far from ordinary.

Power-ups don’t define you, your courage does.

Super Mario, extraordinaire Shell Kicker.

Sometimes the Luigi you’ve been looking for is the Mario you’ve been ignoring all along.

Stay young, play video games, eat mushrooms!

It?s-a me, Mario!

Just what I needed!

Mamma Mia!

Here we go!

So long King Bowser!

Thank you so much-a for to playing my game!

Let?s-a go, little guys!

Oh boy, finally going to do some real work!

Hey, maybe we’ll see you on the track sometime!

Hey, you got a problem with something?

Take-a this!

Mario’s got a hot date tonight!

Just another day in the life of the Super Mario Brothers!

Princess in another castle? Time to get moving!

You saved me! Now it?s time to save the princess!

You’re number one!

No one consoles me better than Mario.

Mario’s back, and ready for action!

Got to love a mushroom kingdom morning!

I?m-a tired…

Let?s do the Odyssey!

Meet Luigi, my bro, my hero!

Who’s ready for adventure?

Life’s a game and it’s my turn to play!

It?s not about the pasta, it?s about the Princess!

It’s-a-me, Mario!


Here we go!

Mama mia!

Power Up!

Thank you so much for playing my game!

Just what I needed!

So long, Bowser!


Super Mushroom, Make you strong!

The princess is in another castle!

Get ready for the next level!

Game Over? Try again!


Green and mean – a lean, jumping machine! (for Luigi)

Save the princess, rule the game.

The main bro, but a plumber though.

Life is like a game of Mario, the objective is to overcome the obstacles.

Jump around, that’s the Mario sound.

Coins in our pocket, fireball in one hand, that’s how we roll in Mushroom land.

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