Kit Kat Sayings: Popular Phrases and Their Origins


Give me a break, give me a Kit Kat!

Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar.

Wrapped in happiness, covered in joy, that’s my Kit Kat!

Keep calm and have a Kit Kat.

A moment of Kit Kat in a world of chaos.

Life’s sweet when there’s a Kit Kat in your hands.

Snap into serenity with a Kit Kat.

In the crunch of life, be a Kit Kat.

Feel the ripple of relief with a Kit Kat bar.

Kit Kat: a palm-sized portion of pleasure.

It’s a haptic delight! It’s Kit Kat.

Why whisk away worries when you can wafer them with Kit Kat.

Bite into bliss. Take a Kit Kat break.

Twist it, turn it, tease it ? That?s the joy of a Kit Kat.

Chocoholics prefer Kit Kat breaks.

If life gets tough, remember you’re tougher and you have a Kit Kat.

Chocolaty cheers to every Kit Kat lover.

Enjoy the pause that refreshes – Enjoy a Kit Kat!

Tick-tock it?s always Kit Kat o?clock!

If stress is the question, Kit Kat is the answer.

Take a break, make it a Kit Kat moment!

Kit Kat, the key to a snack-tastic fun!

Life’s a game, unwind with a Kit Kat.

Have a break, have a delightful Kit Kat.

Enjoy the crunch, live the Kit Kat way.

Kit Kat: Where crisp meets delicious.

Share the love with a Kit Kat break.

Dive into happiness with a piece of Kit Kat.

Crack a Kit Kat, crack a smile.

Turn your break into an experience with Kit Kat.

Indulge in the Kit Kat craze.

Get your paws on a Kit Kat!

Unwrap a world of delight with Kit Kat.

Live, love, laugh and enjoy a Kit Kat.

Savor the crunch, cherish the Kit Kat touch.

Pause the world, play a Kit Kat.

Snap a Kit Kat, make your day a bit more gratific.

The Kit Kat club, where every bite is right.

Breathe in the bliss of a Kit Kat break.

A good day starts with a Kit Kat bite.

Take a break, have a Kit Kat.

Every day deserves a Kit Kat pause.

Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar.

Life’s too short, make it a Kit Kat moment.

Crack open happiness, have a Kit Kat.

Two fingers of indulgence, one unforgettable Kit Kat.

Life is a Kit Kat, break it and share it.

Find your smile under a Kit Kat wrapper.

Pause the world for a Kit Kat.

No break like a Kit Kat break.

Forget your troubles, chew on a Kit Kat.

Chocolove starts with Kit Kat.

Chocolaty break, time for Kit Kat.

Kit Kat: Unwrap, Snap, Enjoy!

The perfect crunch in every bite, Kit Kat.

Bite into bliss, Bite into Kit Kat.

Creating smiles since 1935 – Kit Kat.

Your sweet daydreams begin with Kit Kat.

Break the rules, not your Kit Kat.

Feeling down? Kit Kat is your pick me up!

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