Key Facts about the Three Gorges Dam

The Three Gorges Dam is the world’s largest hydroelectric power station.

Construction of the dam started in 1994 and was completed in 20

3. The dam spans across the Yangtze River in China.

It is estimated that the dam could reduce flooding in the region by 70%.

The Three Gorges Dam generates enough electricity to power millions of homes.

The project displaced over 1.3 million people from their homes.

The dam is an engineering marvel, designed to withstand earthquakes and provide stability to the region.

It serves as a vital transportation route, allowing larger ships to navigate through the Yangtze River.

The dam has also facilitated irrigation and improved water supply for millions of people.

The construction of the dam required over 27 million cubic meters of concrete.

At its peak, more than 26,000 workers were involved in the construction of the dam.

The reservoir created by the dam is approximately 600 kilometers long.

The dam has had a significant impact on the local ecosystem, both positive and negative.

It has caused the extinction of several species, such as the Yangtze River dolphin.

On the other hand, the dam has helped protect endangered species by conserving habitats.

The dam has become a popular tourist attraction, attracting millions of visitors each year.

The project cost over 22 billion US dollars to complete.

The dam has been successful in preventing major floods in the Yangtze River region.

Key Facts about the Three Gorges Dam part 2

It has also helped regulate water flow during periods of drought.

The construction of the dam required the relocation of several historical sites.

The project has been a source of controversy and criticism concerning its environmental impact.

The dam has created a new city called New Wanjiang.

It has become a symbol of China’s ambition for economic development and infrastructure projects.

The dam has improved transportation links, connecting previously isolated regions.

The dam also features a ship lock system to facilitate navigation through the river.

The reservoir created by the dam is home to many islands, some of which have been developed into tourist destinations.

The Three Gorges Dam has sparked interest in similar massive-scale dam projects around the world.

It has served as a model for sustainable development and renewable energy generation.

The dam has significantly reduced the country’s reliance on fossil fuels for electricity generation.

It has brought economic benefits to the region through increased tourism and job opportunities.

The dam has helped control water pollution by intercepting sedimentation and pollutants.

It acts as a buffer against saltwater intrusion, protecting farmland from saline water.

The dam’s reservoir acts as a water storage facility, helping regulate water supply during dry periods.

The dam has created a new industry for fish farming in the reservoir.

It has facilitated the construction of new bridges and highways in the region.

The dam has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It has become an iconic landmark of modern China.

The reservoir created by the dam offers opportunities for recreational activities such as boating and fishing.

The dam is equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring systems to ensure its safety and stability.

The project required the cooperation and expertise of international consultants and engineers.

The dam has helped control the flow of sediment downstream, preventing erosion.

It has transformed the landscape of the region, creating a vast artificial lake.

The dam has improved the efficiency of river transportation by reducing reliance on natural river flow.

The reservoir created by the dam serves as a source of drinking water for nearby cities.

The project has been a testament to China’s engineering capabilities and determination to overcome challenges.

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