Beverly Hills Cop Quotes

I like running red lights, it’s a time saver. – Axel Foley

The heat is on, and it’s scorching. – Axel Foley

I’m not a cop, I’m a multi-talented magician. – Axel Foley

The streets of Beverly Hills ain’t ready for me. – Axel Foley

I’m like a bull in a china shop, except I’m in a designer boutique. – Axel Foley

If criminals were fashion accessories, I’d be the trendsetter. – Axel Foley

I don’t need backup, I’m a one-man SWAT team. – Axel Foley

In Beverly Hills, everything glitters, even the crimes. – Axel Foley

I don’t need a badge to be a certified badass. – Axel Foley

I’m not a cop, I’m a force of nature. – Axel Foley

This city may be glamorous, but it has a dark underbelly. – Axel Foley

In Beverly Hills, even the criminals have perfect hair. – Axel Foley

I’m the the wild card they never saw coming. – Axel Foley

My undercover game is strong, I could fool a chameleon. – Axel Foley

If the bad guys don’t respect the law, they’ll have to respect me. – Axel Foley

I bring chaos to the orderly world of Beverly Hills. – Axel Foley

I’m a cop hunting criminals, and Beverly Hills is my playground. – Axel Foley

Beverly Hills may be upscale, but crime is still crime. – Axel Foley

I’m like a modern-day Robin Hood, stealing justice from the corrupt. – Axel Foley

Beverly Hills may have palm trees, but it also has thugs. – Axel Foley

The criminals here are rich and dangerous, like sharks in a swimming pool. – Axel Foley

In Beverly Hills, you don’t need a mask to hide your true self. – Axel Foley

The rich and famous may live here, but so do the lawbreakers. – Axel Foley

Beverly Hills is the perfect blend of beauty and corruption. – Axel Foley

I may not be a Beverly Hills native, but I’m the city’s worst nightmare. – Axel Foley

I’m determined to bring justice to the lap of luxury. – Axel Foley

I don’t need fancy gadgets, I solve crimes with street smarts. – Axel Foley

In Beverly Hills, crime wears designer labels. – Axel Foley

I don’t play by the rules, I make them up as I go. – Axel Foley

Beverly Hills may be the city of dreams, but it’s also the city of nightmares. – Axel Foley

I’m the cop that Beverly Hills never knew it needed. – Axel Foley

People here may have money, but I have justice on my side. – Axel Foley

I’m a cop with a Beverly Hills attitude and a Detroit work ethic. – Axel Foley

I’m allergic to corruption, and Beverly Hills is full of it. – Axel Foley

Being a cop in this city is like herding cats, designer cats. – Axel Foley

I’m the hero that Beverly Hills didn’t know it deserved. – Axel Foley

I don’t need a fancy office, the streets of Beverly Hills are my domain. – Axel Foley

Beverly Hills may be glamorous on the outside, but it’s rotten at its core. – Axel Foley

I bring the noise and the justice, Beverly Hills style. – Axel Foley

I’m like a fashion-forward detective, solving crimes in style. – Axel Foley

I don’t need a warrant, I have my intuition. – Axel Foley

In Beverly Hills, even the street lamps shine brighter than the criminals. – Axel Foley

I may not blend in with the Beverly Hills crowd, but I stand out in the lineup. – Axel Foley

I don’t have time for small crimes, I’m here to take down the big fish. – Axel Foley

Beverly Hills may be a concrete jungle, but I’m its king. – Axel Foley

I have a knack for solving crimes and a taste for designer suits. – Axel Foley

I don’t have a detective’s badge, but I have a detective’s instinct. – Axel Foley

If you thought Beverly Hills was a safe haven, think again. – Axel Foley

I’m the best thing to happen to Beverly Hills since Rodeo Drive. – Axel Foley

I may not have a Beverly Hills address, but I’m the city’s unofficial protector. – Axel Foley

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