Kenny McCormick Quotes

Oh my God, they killed Kenny!

I swear, you guys have the WORST luck!

I don’t know dude, seems pretty dangerous to me.

Whoa, this is like, next-level messed up.

I’ve died so many times, it’s like a hobby at this point.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think I miss being dead.

Being the constant victim has its perks, you know.

Every time I die, my fashion sense gets an upgrade.

Hey guys, guess who’s back from the dead? Again.

I’m like a cat with nine lives, but way less graceful.

I’m starting to think death is overrated.

You know you’ve made it when you become a recurring character in death.

If dying were an Olympic sport, I’d definitely be a gold medalist.

I’ve experienced more resurrections than a phoenix.

My life is like a morbid version of Groundhog Day.

In this town, death is just another Tuesday.

Nothing says childhood nostalgia like constant death and resurrection.

I’m the ultimate proof that you can’t keep a good kid down.

Who needs a guardian angel when you’ve got already cheated death?

I wouldn’t be surprised if my tombstone had a frequent flyer miles card.

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I say, ‘bring it on.’

I’ve become so skilled at dying, I could make a living out of it.

Living on the edge is my middle name. Well, not really, but it should be.

People say I’m accident-prone. I say I’m just an adventure enthusiast.

You know you’re in a messed up town when death becomes a punchline.

Dying is the ultimate reset button, except I never asked for it.

I’m thankful for each death, because it means another crazy story to tell.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m the real star of this show or just a running gag.

You haven’t truly lived until you’ve died a dozen times.

Maybe I should start selling tickets to my own deaths. I’m like a living spectacle.

I’ve learned that dying is just part of my character development.

You have to embrace the chaos if you want to survive in this town.

I’m like a walking mortality experiment, with no control group.

Being the town’s guinea pig has its disadvantages, but at least I’m never bored.

They say laughter is the best medicine. Well, I’m the cure for chronic seriousness.

If you can’t laugh at death, then you’re missing out on life’s dark sense of humor.

I’m like a modern-day superhero, except instead of saving lives, I save the punchline.

I have a love-hate relationship with death. It keeps killing me, but it also keeps me alive.

You know what they say, third time’s a charm. Except in my case, it’s more like thirty-third time.

Living in a cartoon town means death is just a temporary inconvenience.

In a world full of ordinary, I’m the extraordinary kid who can’t stay dead.

Death is my constant companion, but I refuse to let it define me.

If reincarnation is real, I must be on the express lane.

You can’t keep a good Kenny down. Trust me, I’ve tried.

I’ve taken death so many times, I could teach a masterclass on it.

They say two things in life are certain: death and taxes. Well, at least I don’t have to worry about taxes.

I’ve died more times than the number of times I’ve said ‘Oh my God.’

I’m like a phoenix, rising from the ashes with every death.

People die once. I die multiple times, just to show them how it’s done.

Life is a roller coaster, and I’m the kid who’s not tall enough to ride it. But death, death is definitely my playground.

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