J. Golden Kimball Quotes: Wisdom and Insights for Everyday Life

j golden kimball quotes

I wouldn’t walk across the street to see the most beautiful woman in the world, but I would walk a hundred miles barefoot in the snow to hear real swearing.

I may not have always walked straight, but I think I’ve tried to talk straight.

There’s nothing that a good hot bath can’t improve.

There are no fly-by-night or make-shift saints.

The best medicine is to do our duty and depend on the Lord.

The Lord doesn’t care half as much about the person we all think we should be as He does about the person we are.

If you commit a sin, the Lord will forgive you. But the territory will never forgive you.

I’m not sure I will be judged for not doing my duty. I think I will be judged for not knowing what my duty is.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not designed to make men and women appear to be saints, but to make them saints.

Heaven’s blessings are not measured by men’s punishments.

Some people say a person receives a position in this church because he’s needed in it; I think a person receives a position because they need to be needed.

If you ever go to heaven and find I?m not there, you may conclude that something went wrong with me, not the doctrine.

You might as well try to dam Niagara Falls with toothpicks as to stop the reform wave sweeping our land.

Whoever cannot take care of themselves without that law is not a fit person to propagate one?s species.

The Lord can take care of His enemies in due time and I don?t propose to take any part in defending Him.

I say, live so that you can look any damned man in the face and tell him to go to hell.

The law won?t let bad things be legislated, and the church won?t let good things be told.

It?s not a matter of breaking the law ? the question is, can you live it?

You can go to hell. I?m not going, and that?s the end of it.

Life’s under no obligation to give us what we expect.

I wouldn’t walk across the street to see the pretty face of an angel. Give me a man of God any day.

Sometimes I think the Lord is trying to see just how much I can take, but He never finds out because I can take a hell of a lot.

If you fellows don’t quit lying about me, I’ll quit telling the truth about you.

I feel as independent as hell! I feel like I could live my religion if I were the only man on earth who did.

I have never apologized for anything in my life; I have always had too much fun.

I don’t get revelations while I am on my feet; I get them while I am on my knees.

I have never been to paradise, but I can show you the place where I lost my pants.

I may not walk straight, but I walk straight to the point.

I suppose I will be damned; if it can’t be helped, I can stand it.

I am not a praying man because my mind wanders, but I am a religious man.

You don?t always have to tell people that you love them. You just have to give them no cause to doubt it.

God doesn?t take a vote whether to love you or not. He just does.

The Lord doesn’t love you because you’re smart or because you can do something for Him. He loves you because He is love.

I don’t pray for a light load, but for a strong back.

Men are what their mothers make them.

I may not always walk the straight and narrow, but I try to cross it as often as I can.

Prayer is not so much the means of entering into God’s presence as staying in it.

When the Lord calls, I answer, and when He chastens, I repent.

Faith, patience, and work are the surest and fastest way to get real results.

The Lord is very forgiving, my brethren, but this doesn?t say you can keep on committing sins and He?ll keep on forgiving.?

When the Savior wants me to stop swearing, He will let me know.

God bless you all, whether you like it or not.

Don’t let your religion keep you from a relationship with God.

If you must make a mistake, make a new one. That, at least, will be interesting.?

Hell will be full of good men?men who held firm to their beliefs but did so without love and compassion.

When the Kingdom needs financing, I pay my tithing, and the Lord takes care of the rest.

No man is damned for doing the best they knew how, or for not doing what they didn’t know.

Sanctification ain’t taken by storm. It sorta comes in like measles or mumps. We’ve gotta grow to it.

The Gospel isn’t true just because the Bible says it’s so. It’s true because it makes good sense.

Let’s be Christ-like, but let’s not be Christ.

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