Gir Invader Zim Quotes

I am Zim, and I will conquer this insignificant planet!

Fear me, for I am the mighty Invader Zim!

Earth, prepare to be conquered by my superior intellect!

Prepare to meet your doom, puny Earthlings!

I will rule this pathetic planet with an iron fist!

I am Zim, destroyer of worlds!

Bow down before me, for I am your new ruler!

I am the bringer of doom and despair!

You cannot escape the wrath of Zim!

Resistance is futile, for Zim always prevails!

I will bring chaos and destruction to this feeble world!

Earth is no match for the might of Zim!

I am the conqueror of galaxies, and you are my next conquest!

With my superior technology, victory is guaranteed!

I am the embodiment of evil, and you are my playthings!

I will crush you beneath my feet like insects!

You are but ants compared to my greatness!

I bring the end of all things, and you will bow before me!

Prepare for the reign of Zim, the unstoppable conqueror!

Witness the power of Zim, and tremble in fear!

I will paint this planet red with the blood of my enemies!

Your feeble attempts to resist are futile!

I am the master of chaos, and you are my subjects!

Your planet will crumble beneath the weight of my vengeance!

There is no hope, for Zim is here!

I am the harbinger of destruction, and your time is up!

Wherever I go, chaos follows!

Kneel before Zim, for you are all now my slaves!

I will burn this world to the ground and rebuild it in my image!

You cannot hide from the wrath of Zim!

I will raise this planet to the ground and dance upon its ashes!

Zim is here to bring about the end of everything you hold dear!

Prepare for annihilation, Earthlings!

My reign of terror will know no bounds!

Bow to the might of Zim, for resistance is futile!

Your feeble attempts at survival amuse me!

I will devour your planet and spit out its bones!

Behold the face of your destruction, mortals!

There is no escape from the clutches of Zim!

I am the puppet master of your demise!

Surrender now, or suffer the consequences!

I will reduce your world to a smoldering ruin!

Pathetic humans, tremble in the presence of Zim!

I will feast upon your fear and revel in your despair!

You cannot defeat me, for I am the embodiment of evil!

Your pleas for mercy fall upon deaf ears!

I will wipe your existence from the face of this planet!

Your planet shall be my trophy, a testament to my power!

Fools, you underestimate the might of Zim!

I am the alpha and the omega, the destroyer of all worlds!

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