Funny Scottish Sayings

Wee bit of haggis, wee bit of happiness.

Dinnae fash yersel, lassie.

It’s a braw bricht moonlicht nicht.

Ye cannae shove yer granny aff a bus.

Dinnae be a numpty, be a legend.

Lang may yer lum reek.

It’s a dreich day, but we’ll still have a wee bit o’ banter.

Better to be a Highland coo than a city slicker.

I’m a Scot, therefore I cannae control my gid banter.

Ye can take the Scot outta Scotland, but ye cannae take Scotland outta the Scot.

We’ve got aye candy more valuable than gold – Irn-Bru.

We dinnae need kilts to show off our braw banter.

Aye, the haggis is bonnie… and tasty!

Dinnae be a numptie, wear a tartan kiltie!

I’m so Scottish, I could write a dictionary of funny sayings.

Whit’s fur ye’ll no go past ye.

Dinnae be daft, just have a laugh.

Nae need tae be glaikit, have a wee bit o’ fun.

Aye, we may have Nessie, but we’ve got even more cheekiness.

Braw day fur a cuppa and a wee biscuit.

Ye cannae have a proper ceilidh wi’out a guid laugh.

Aye, we may be grumpy, but we’ve got the best sense of humour.

It’s nae bother, just a wee hiccup on the road tae laughter.

If ye cannae understand us, dinnae worry… Just lauch and we’ll get along fine.

Dinnae be a fash, just take a wee sip of whisky and hae a guid time.

Dae ye ken what’s better than a bonnie view? A bonnie laugh.

Funny Scottish Sayings part 2

Nae need tae be serious, life’s too short fur that.

A guid laugh is like a wee dram, it’ll warm yer soul.

Nae need tae hide yer lols, let them oot and shine.

Dinnae take yersel too seriously, have a braw laugh instead.

What’s the point o’ a haggis if it cannae make ye smile?

Better tae be a sma’ fish wi’ a guid sense o’ humour, than a big fish wi’ nae banter.

Ach, we’re just a wee bit o’ craic and japes.

Ye cannae beat a Scottish wit, it’s like whisky for the soul.

A guid Scottish laugh can heal the soul and warm the heart.

Dinnae ye worry, we’ve got plenty bonnie banter tae go ’round.

Aye, we may wear kilts, but it’s our wit that truly showcases our Scottishness.

Dinnae get yer kilts in a twist, just laugh and enjoy the ride.

Ach, who needs a straight face when ye can have a braw laugh?

Nae need tae be a grumpy scunner, just have a wee giggle.

Leave yer troubles at the door and come in fur a guid laugh.

Yer banter’s as braw as a wee dram of whisky.

Dinnae ken whit yer sae serious aboot, just hae a wee laugh and it’ll all be fine.

A wee smile can brighten the dreichest day, especially if ye’re Scottish.

Dinnae be a fash-gabbit, just hae a guid laugh.

Ye cannae beat a Scottish sense o’ humour, it’s bonnie.

If laughter is the best medicine, then Scots are the best doctors.

Ach, we may hae rain, but we’ve got a braw sense o’ humour tae mak up for it.

A guid Scottish laugh can cure the sairest heart.

So long as ye can laugh, yer a true Scot at heart.

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