Funny Brunch Quotes to Brighten Up Your Morning

Brunch is the best excuse to have breakfast food and cocktails at the same time.

Brunch: the perfect cure for a hangover and a bad mood.

Brunch is not a meal, it’s a lifestyle.

Brunch without mimosas is just a sad late breakfast.

Brunch is the reason I wake up on Sundays.

Brunch is the only thing that makes Mondays bearable.

Brunch: because who has time for separate breakfast and lunch?

Brunch is my favorite verb.

Brunch: the art of combining eggs and endless possibilities.

Brunch is like breakfast, but with better stories.

Brunch is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

Brunch: a delicious distraction from the real world.

Brunch is the official sport of lazy Sundays.

Brunch: where the line between breakfast and lunch is beautifully blurred.

Brunch: the perfect excuse to wear pajamas in public.

Brunch: because pancakes taste better with friends.

Brunch is my superpower. What’s yours?

Brunch: the most important meal of the weekend.

Brunch: because breakfast food shouldn’t be confined to mornings.

Brunch is a state of mind, not just a meal.

Brunch: the one meal where it’s perfectly acceptable to eat dessert first.

Brunch is the bridge between yesterday’s regrets and tomorrow’s possibilities.

Brunch: the only thing that can make a bad day better.

Brunch is my love language.

Funny Brunch Quotes to Brighten Up Your Morning part 2

Brunch: where calories don’t count and bottomless mimosas are encouraged.

Brunch: where healthy eating meets guilty pleasure.

Brunch is the Instagram version of breakfast.

Brunch is the answer, no matter what the question.

Brunch: because life is too short for boring meals.

Brunch: the most important decision of the day.

Brunch brings people together, even before the first sip of coffee.

Brunch: the perfect excuse to have dessert for breakfast.

Brunch: the unofficial reunion of last night’s party.

Brunch is the only meal that’s acceptable to eat in bed.

Brunch: the best way to start a lazy Sunday and end a wild Saturday night.

Brunch: a celebration of laziness and delicious food.

Brunch: the most important appointment you’ll make all week.

Brunch: where every bite is a small piece of heaven.

Brunch is my happy place.

Brunch: because life is too short for boring meals.

Brunch: because breakfast is too early and lunch is too late.

Brunch: the ultimate multitasking meal.

Brunch: the perfect remedy for a rough week.

Brunch: where the food is as warm and comforting as the company.

Brunch: because who needs an alarm clock when there’s bacon?

Brunch: a delicious excuse to start drinking before noon.

Brunch: the reason I work out on Mondays.

Brunch: where coffee and conversation go hand in hand.

Brunch is like a breakfast buffet with unlimited options and no judgement.

Brunch: the reward for surviving another week.

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