Fascinating Facts about the White House

The White House was designed by Irish-born architect James Hoban.

The building has been officially called the White House since 1901.

The White House has 132 rooms, including the President’s private residence.

The building stands 55 feet tall and is made of white-painted Aquia sandstone.

The White House was burned down by the British during the War of 1812 and had to be reconstructed.

The White House was the first government building in Washington, D.C. to receive electricity.

The White House has a bowling alley in the basement.

The iconic Oval Office, where the President works, was added to the White House in 1909.

The White House has a movie theater, known as the White House Family Theater.

There is a tennis court on the White House grounds.

The White House has hosted countless state dinners, welcoming foreign leaders and dignitaries.

Several presidents have added personal touches to the White House, such as John F. Kennedy’s swing set for his children.

The White House features a garden known as the Jacqueline Kennedy Garden, named after the former First Lady.

The building’s official address is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The White House has its own chocolate shop, where candies and truffles are made for official events.

The White House has a resident florist responsible for decorating the building with fresh flowers.

The White House has been called the People’s House because it is open for public tours.

The White House has its own helicopter landing pad known as the South Lawn.

The White House has a basketball court nicknamed the White House Basketball Court.

The building features a Situation Room, where the President can monitor events around the world.

The White House has a Visitor’s Center where guests can learn more about its history.

The White House has been the residence of every U.S. President except George Washington.

The building has been renovated and expanded multiple times throughout its history.

The White House has an official calligrapher who creates invitations and event letters.

The building has an extensive art collection, including works by famous American artists.

The White House has its own grocery store for the President and his family.

The building has a swimming pool, which was added during Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidency.

The White House has its own pastry chef, responsible for creating desserts for official occasions.

The building features a library, known as the White House Library, holding thousands of books.

The White House has hosted numerous weddings of staff members and even presidential family members.

The building has its own carpenter shop, where woodworking requests are fulfilled.

The White House has its own print shop, producing official documents and stationery.

The White House has a dedicated flower shop called the White House Florist.

The building has a secure communications facility, known as the Presidential Emergency Operations Center.

The White House has a secure underground tunnel system connecting various parts of the complex.

The building’s official emblem, featuring an eagle and shield, is called the Seal of the President.

The White House has its own theater, known as the White House Theater, used for private screenings.

The building has an official curator responsible for preserving its historical artifacts.

The White House has a rooftop solar panel installation, promoting renewable energy.

The building has a dedicated call center for processing citizen inquiries and comments.

The White House has a formal Rose Garden, frequently used for press briefings and ceremonies.

The building has a china room, showcasing state dinner china sets from various administrations.

The White House has frequently been featured as a filming location for movies and TV shows.

The building features an official Presidential Seal embedded in the entrance floor.

The White House has an official Greetings Office, responsible for sending greeting cards on behalf of the President.

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