Exploring Famous Cherry Sayings and their Meanings


A heartfelt friendship is the cherry on top of life.

The world is a bowl and we are the cherries.

Be the cherry on someone’s sundae.

Life is just a bowl of cherries, don’t take it too serious.

You are the cherry to my pie.

Sweet as cherry wine and twice as potent.

If life was a cherry tree, we’d all pick our own branches.

Not every cherry grows into a tree, and not every chance becomes an opportunity.

The cherry blossom of today is the fruit of tomorrow.

I’m just cherry-picking the best parts of life.

Cherries on top make the cake pop!

Dwell beneath the cherry tree, where life is always sweet.

Sweeter than a cherry, sharper than its pit.

Life isn’t always cherry-flavored, but cherries can flavor life.

You’re the cherry on the cake of life.

In the garden of existence, you are the ripest cherry.

A minute on the lips, cherries are worth the guilt trip.

Like a cherry on a tree, stand out naturally.

The cherry does not fall far from the tree.

Come on, cherry up! It?s a beautiful day.

Life is just a bowl of cherries.

The cherry of my heart.

You are the cherry on top.

Life is not always a basket of cherries.

Some days, you’re the pigeon, some days, you’re the statue, and some days, you’re just the cherry on top.

Every cherry has its pit.

She’s full of cherries and mischief.

Sweet like cherry wine.

Cherries on the bottom are worth the effort.

Don’t be too quick to pick all the cherries.

A cherry tree is only as good as its fruit.

There’s no replacing the cherry on top.

A man with cherries shouldn’t be in a monks’ parade.

Ripe cherries gather no dust.

With each cherry piece, life gets a little sweeter.

Cherries grow no sweeter for all our coveting.

Count your blessings, but enjoy your cherries.

You can?t tie a cherry stem in a knot, but you can tie a knot in your heart.

Even the smallest cherry can pack the biggest punch.

Waiting for cherry blossoms means waiting for a beautiful year.

Life is a bowl of cherries.

The cherry on top of my day.

Cherries on the cake of life.

Everything’s cherry with you.

As sweet as the first cherry of summer.

It’s no use crying over dropped cherries.

Popped your cherry of happiness.

Underneath the cherry tree of dreams.

Every cherry has its pit.

The cherry of my eye.

Spitting out the pits of life.

Cherry blossoms in the soul.

Pluck the cherries of success.

Cherry-ripe moments of joy.

There’s always one bad cherry in the basket.

Don’t count your cherries before they bloom.

With a cherry on top.

Trying to make a cherry pie out of crab apples.

Life without you is like a tree without blossoms or cherries.

Be like a cherry, bright and sweet.

Harvesting the cherries of wisdom.

The cherry doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Cherry bathed in sweet sunrise.

A cherry to your sundae of love.

A cherry blossom of hope amidst adversity.

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