Dodgers Sayings: Famous Quotes and Catchphrases from the LA Baseball Team

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Bleeding blue, through and through.

If there’s one thing I know, it’s Dodgers, bro.

Dodgers: A love story written in diamond dust.

Batter up, the Dodgers never let up.

The Dodgers: Kings of the diamond and our hearts.

Can’t stop, won’t stop – that’s the Dodgers’ victory hop.

Living my best life, one Dodgers game at a time.

Keep calm and cheer on the Dodgers.

In Dodgers we trust, a victory is a must.

Every day is game day when you’re a Dodgers fan.

Dodger Blue, true through and through.

Painting the town Dodger Blue, one victory at a time.

Riding high with the boys in blue.

Dodgers fandom: It?s not just a pastime, it?s a lifestyle.

They may be my Dodgers, but the thrill of the game is ours.

Play hard, Win big – All in a day?s work for the Dodgers.

Los Angeles Dodger Power – unleashed every hour.

Dodging defeat, embracing victory – that’s the Dodgers’ story.

Bleed blue, dream blue – Dodgers through and through.

Swinging for the fences, that’s our Dodgers? defense.

In Dodger blue, we Trust.

Catching wins like a Dodger.

Strike with a Dodger?s spirit.

Dodger fever, catch it!

Bleeding Dodger Blue, one game at a time.

Keeping calm and Dodger on.

Dodging losses, one inning at a time.

Hit hard, run fast, turn left – that’s the Dodger way.

Blink and you?ll miss a Dodger win.

Put your game face on, it’s Dodger time.

We live for those Dodger nights.

Innings come and go, but the Dodgers are forever.

Once a Dodger, always a Dodger.

Some call it an obsession, we call it Dodger love.

We don’t keep calm, it’s Dodgers season.

Nothing is impossible when we play like Dodgers.

Slaying giants and catching dreams, we’re the Dodgers.

Kissing the rivals goodbye like those Dodgers do.

Baseball is an art, and the Dodgers, my good sir, are the artists.

Bleeding blue, dreaming true, that’s a Dodgers fan for you.

Once a Dodger, always a Dodger.

Bleeding Dodger blue even in defeat.

Dodgers: Making baseball moments to remember.

Believe in blue, believe in Dodgers.

Battling till the last pitch, such is the Dodgers spirit.

A true fan stands by the Dodgers, in victory and defeat.

If it’s a home run, it’s probably the Dodgers.

Living life, one Dodgers game at a time.

In our hearts, it’s always Dodgers’ season.

Losing is temporary, passion for the Dodgers is permanent.

Eat, sleep, Dodgers, repeat.

Bleed blue, or go home.

Cheers to the Dodgers, the true keepers of the game.

Dodgers: We’re not just a team, we’re a family.

Dodgers: Where legends are born and rivals are defeated.

Pitch perfect? That’s how the Dodgers roll.

The Dodgers hustle is the real MVP.

Proud to be a part of the Dodger nation.

Dodgers: Turning double plays and winning hearts.

Fight till the end, that’s the Dodger way.

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