Adorable and Amusing Cow Sayings to Brighten Your Day


Cows: Making milkshakes naturally.

Cow to farm: ‘You have moo-ved me.’

In udder-ly love with cows.

Horns up, troubles down!

Keep calm and love cows.

Always in moooo-d for cows.

Status: Currently crushing on cows.

Just a kid who loves cows.

Live long and graze on.

Cows: The therapy I need.

I’m not fat, I’m fluffy – The Cow.

Moo-ve, I need my coffee

Eat green, eat grass.

Holy cow! Isn?t life wonderful?

Moo-tivational vibes only.

Every day is a ‘dairy’ tale.

Moo and mirth make life worth.

Where’s the beef? Ask a cow.

Cow-ered by the bovine beauty.

Udder-stand me, love me.

Keep moo-ving, keep blooming.

Cow-abunga, dude!

Cows: Stolen my heart with their moo-tiful eyes.

Love at first ‘moo.’

Life is better with cows.

Keep mooo-ving!

I am udderly in love with cows!

Never take life for heifer granted!

Stay pasture prime!

Dairy cows are the cream of the crop!

Life is butter with a cow!

Amoo-sing, aren’t they?

You’re amoosing!

Don’t go bacon my heart, I couldn’t if I fried.

Moove over, haters!

Holy cow, you’re amazing!

I’m in the mooood for a good time!

I’m soft-spoken with a heavy Jersey accent.

Cows are simply moo-velous!

Just a small-town calf, living in a lonely world!

Amoosed by the simplest things in life.

Don’t follow the herd, make your own path!

Feeling gr-a-moo-zing!

I’m not fat, I’m just a little cow-ky.

Every now and then, I fall a-cow-rt!

Herd you were looking for some company.

Cows: outstanding in their field!

Where there’s a will, there’s a whey.

Hey baby, got milk?

Cows before bros!

Full of sass and a cow’s grass.

I’ve got moos for you!

Who needs a therapist when you have a cow?

In a world full of horses, be a cow.

Moo-ve over, I’m fabulous!

Holy cow! That’s udderly amazing!

Life is butter with a cow.

Cow you doing?

Moo-chas gracias!

I love you till the cows come home.

You’re so moo-ving.

Don’t be a sour milk, stay mooo-dy!

Have an amoozing day!

You’re moo-tiful.

I am in the moo-d for you.

Stop milking it for all it’s worth!

Let’s have a dairy lovely day!

Moo-ve over negativity.

I am not amoosed.

Moo may be right, you may be crazy.

Home is where my herd is.

Holy cow! Moo’ve over coffee, this is a job for Alcohol.

Just living the cream.

You are udderly fantastic.

Life is cheddar when we are together.

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