Unforgettable God of War: Ragnarok Quotes


In the frozen tundra of Ragnarok, even a God of war must break the ice.

In the fires of Ragnarok, there’s no glory without a fight.

With Odin in my sights, this God of War has just begun his Ragnarok.

A true God of War knows that Ragnarok is not an end, but a new beginning.

The drums of Ragnarok sound, and they’re playing my song ? the God of War’s march.

Ragnarok is coming, and even the God of War can feel the chill.

Who needs the might of a storm when you’ve got the fury of a God of War?

The God of War laughs at the face of Ragnarok, where others tremble.

The sharp edge of my axe cuts the cold winds of Ragnarok.

The Ragnarok is mighty, but the resolve of a God of War is unbreakable.

The tale of the God of War is not written in pages, but in the blood and sweat of Ragnarok.

In Ragnarok, every God, every War and every fallen soldier has a story to tell.

Flames of Ragnarok, meet the fury of the God of War.

Ragnarok is more than just a prophecy; it’s a God of War’s battlefield.

When Ragnarok is your reality, being a God of War is not just a title, it’s a destiny.

The winds of Ragnarok carry the echoes of my war cries.

In the silence of Ragnarok, the whispers of a God of War echo loudly.

Through the storm of Ragnarok, a God of War finds his path.

For every drop of thunder in Ragnarok, there’s a God of War ready to strike back.

Underneath the shadow of Ragnarok, the God of War shines brighter.

Ragnarok has begun. In the wake of our wrath, nothing shall remain.

God of War doesn’t bow before destiny. He creates his own.

Tales of victory are tales for the Gods. For mortals, it’s the struggle that matters.

The whisper of Yggdrasil narrates our saga. Silence speaks our victory.

In the depth of the frost, lies the heart of a true warrior.

Skies split with our fury, earth shivers under our wrath.

Through the chaos of Ragnarok, a new dawn of strength arises.

Carve the runes of courage, let the Norns weave the tales of our bravery in the fabric of fate.

Today isn’t a good day to die, nor to live. Today, we fight.

Blood of Jotun runs in our veins. Fear is a stranger to us.

In Ragnarok, the end is just another beginning.

We are born of war, in war we trust, and in war, we shall find glory.

True power doesn’t come from Mjolnir, but the heart that wields it.

Ragnarok is more than the devastation. It is the purification for a new era.

Every drop of blood spells the poetry of our defiance.

In the shadow of the World Tree, we bow to none.

Only the brave dare to look into the eyes of death and say ? not today.

Underneath this armor, lies the heart of a lion and the soul of a God.

Valhalla awaits not just the brave, but the ones who battle till their last breath.

We are the lords of Asgard, masters of our fate and weavers of our destiny.

Ragnarok is coming, for gods and men alike. Here we stand, swords in hand, ready to face the end of worlds.

Fear not the coming of the Frost Giants. For we are the God of War, and we are Ragnarok’s sons.

In the heart of Ragnarok, where gods and monsters rage, I am the God of War, the final page.

The blood of Titans, the wrath of the gods, the screams of Ragnarok, the song of war, I am the rhythm.

They call me God of War. In Ragnarok?s shadows, I whisper my name to the howling winds and shattering earth.

Ragnarok is but a storm, and I am the God of War, forged in the fires of battle, sharpened on the anvil of conflict.

Ragnarok whispers in the wind. But I am the God of War; I silence whispers with roars.

In fiery forge of Ragnarok, I am shaped. In battles of blood and fear, I am tested. Among gods and men, I am known as the God of War.

Even amongst the chaos of Ragnarok, there stands a God of War, unyielding, undying.

Through fiery trials of Ragnarok ? I do not fear, I do not falter. For I am the God of War.

Ragnarok will fall, just as every foe who ever stood before the God of War.

In the face of Ragnarok, stand not with gods in their petty wars, but with the God of War himself.

Fear not the cold embrace of Ragnarok’s death. For it is in death, that a God of War is truly born.

When Ragnarok tolls its final bell, I will stand ? undefeated, indomitable, the God of War.

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