Yogi Bear Sayings: Wisdom and Laughter from Jellystone Park

yogi bear

Smarter than the average bear, I am.

Pic-a-nic baskets are the key to full satisfaction.

In the forest of life, be the Yogi, not the ranger.

Happiness is having an empty picnic basket to fill.

Find your bear necessity in the heart of the woods.

Jellystone’s wisdom starts in a bear’s embrace.

Play it cool boy, real cool.

Yogi’s wisdom is as deep as his love for honey.

A bear’s heart is wilder than the wind.

In the game of life, always be the picnic seeker.

Remember, we can’t spell ‘honey’ without ‘one’.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going straight to the picnic.

It’s the simple bare necessities, like picnic baskets, that truly matter.

One bear?s trash can be another bear’s picnic.

In Jellystone park, every bear tells a story.

The forest holds the key to all secrets, if you’re smart enough to find it.

Bear in mind, always stay ahead of the ranger.

The jellystone is mightier than the sword.

Never underestimate the power of a hungry Yogi.

Every picnic basket carries a story.

Smarter than the average bear!

Life is a picnic, make sure you don’t forget the honey!?

I’m a bear with very little brain, and long words bother me.?

A bear does not laugh at another bear’s stumble.

Never underestimate the power of a bear hug!

Bear in mind, this world is unbearable without honey.

A honey pot’s worth a thousand words.?

Hibernation isn’t laziness, it’s energy management!

I may be a simple bear, but I’m always beary thorough!

You can’t bear to see the forest for the trees without taking a step back.

Life is sweeter with a bit of honey.

Don’t poke the bear unless you’re ready for the roar!

The best advice is like honey: sweet and sticky!

Don’t worry, be beary!

A bear’s ambition is never ending, just like the quest for honey.

A bear doesn’t wear a frown, unless his honey pot is upside down.

A bear without honey is like a day without sunshine.

To bear or not to bear, that?s the picnic basket question!

When it comes to honey, it’s always in the bear necessities.

Always be yourself, unless you can be Yogi Bear.

Smarter than the average bear!

I’m so smart it hurts!

Don’t feed the bears, let the bears feed you.

I’m not a bear, I’m a Yogi!

Stealing picnic baskets is not a crime, it’s a hobby.

If you can’t outsmart them, out-eat them.

A bear’s life is the life for me!

The forest is not just trees, it’s home.

I may be a bear, but I’ve got a lion’s heart!

Life is a picnic, enjoy every basket!

Why sleep through winter when you can have fun?

One bear’s trash is another bear’s treasure.

To be a bear is to be free.

I’m not stealing, I’m just borrowing without returning.

Wise as an owl, quick as a fox, hungry as a bear.

The only thing stronger than a bear is its appetite.

Bear necessities are the best necessities!

Don’t forget to bring a picnic.

The treetops are the bear’s castles.

A bear in the woods is worth two in the zoo.

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