Yasuo Quotes – Unleashing the Spirit of the Unforgiven

Death is like the wind, always by my side.

The road to ruin is shorter than you think.

A sword’s poor company for a long road.

The sword’s poor company for a long road.

Mess with the wind and get blown away.

In the heat of battle, a sovereign will emerge.

The wind shares its strength.

Fear the quiet ones.

My honor left a long time ago.

The last breath is sweetest.

There are three certainties in life: honor, death, and hangovers.

Even steel bends to my will.

Emotions are useless distractions.

Just as the river carves out the valley, so too do we shape our destiny.

Violence to end violence.

A wanderer isn’t always lost.

Change is like the wind; it is constant.

The only thing you can depend on in war is bloodshed.

To conquer oneself is to conquer all.

The tempest is at your command.

The road to ruin… is calling.

A sword mirrors its owner.

Balance is power.

I will follow this path until the end.

To understand the true nature of conflict, one must endure it.

A true master is an eternal student.

Seek no victory without sacrifice.

The truest opponent lies within.

There is no courage without fear.

The wind guides me.

Stand for something or fall for anything.

Prepare to die alone.

Every time I walk away, they try and pull me back.

A sword’s poor company for a long road.

No cure for fools.

There are no mistakes in life, only lessons.

It’s not the sword, but the swift path of the warrior.

I will follow this path until the end.

Master yourself, master the enemy.

I will not forget who I am.

I am the wanderer.

They call me the wanderer – but I walk alone.

Let the enemy take a breath, then deny them return.

A sword’s poor company for a long road.

Your will, my hands.

I will not forget who I am.

The wind of slaughter howls.

Do not deny the wind’s whispers.

The road to ruin is shorter than you think.

I choose my own destiny.

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