Voldemort Quotes

There is no good and evil, only power and those too weak to seek it.

I have seen your heart, and it is mine.

There is nothing worse than death, Dumbledore.

You are a fool to oppose me, Potter. I have the power to destroy you.

I am Lord Voldemort, and I will conquer death itself.

Love is a weakness, and I have none.

I will bring darkness and fear to the world, and you will all bow down to me.

I am the one who will fulfill the prophecy, and you cannot stop me.

You may have friends and followers, but I have power and ambition.

I will not rest until I have taken over everything that is rightfully mine.

Fear me, for I am the greatest sorcerer of all time.

I will prove that legends can become reality.

They say I can’t be defeated, and they are right. No one can stand against me.

Do not underestimate me, for I am capable of things you cannot even imagine.

I am the embodiment of darkness, and you will all be consumed by it.

You cannot escape your fate, Harry Potter. You are destined to be destroyed by me.

I will rip apart everything you hold dear, starting with your precious Hogwarts.

I will make the world tremble at my feet and beg for mercy.

I will be the only one left standing, and everyone else will be dust in the wind.

Do not think you can defeat me, Potter. I am the master of death.

I am the heir of Slytherin, and I will finish what he started.

You cannot hide from me, Potter. I will find you and destroy everything you love.

Your parents died in vain, Potter. They could not protect you, and neither can anyone else.

There is no hope, only despair. And you will all despair when I am through with you.

You are nothing more than a pawn in my game, Potter. And I always win.

I am the embodiment of evil, and I will spread my darkness throughout the world.

Your courage means nothing against my power.

I have no remorse, no regret. I will do whatever it takes to achieve my goals.

I am the one who will bring about the end of your world, Potter.

You cannot defeat me, Potter. I am eternal.

Dumbledore was a fool to think he could stop me. He was weak, just like you.

You may have defeated me once, but I will rise again, stronger than ever.

I will break your spirit, Potter, and leave you with nothing.

I will be the one to decide who lives and who dies.

You cannot hide from me, Potter. I will find you, and I will destroy you.

I will show no mercy, for mercy is a weakness for the weak.

You cannot escape your destiny, Potter. You are fated to be my downfall.

I will bring about a new era, where darkness reigns supreme.

Your friends cannot save you, Potter. They will all fall before me.

I will prove that magic is not meant for love and friendship, but for power and domination.

Your defiance only fuels my determination to see you perish, Potter.

I will strip away everything that makes you who you are, and leave you with nothing.

There is no hope for you, Potter. You should have joined me when you had the chance.

Your resistance is futile. You cannot defeat destiny.

I am the true ruler of the wizarding world, and you will all bow down to me.

You may have conquered others, Potter, but you will never conquer me.

I will burn the world to ashes and rebuild it in my image.

I will make everyone fear the name Harry Potter, for he will be the symbol of their downfall.

You cannot run from your fate, Potter. It will find you and destroy you.

I am Lord Voldemort, and I am the one who will conquer all.

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