Understanding Freemason Sayings: A Deep Dive into Their Secret Language


Between the Square and Compass, lies the journey of the soul.

Let the light of Freemasonry illuminate your path of wisdom.

Geometry, the first and noblest of sciences, is the basis on which the superstructure of Freemasonry is erected.

Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.

In Silence and Strength, the Freemason stands.

From the East comes the Light, from the West comes Enlightenment.

In the heart of every Mason, burns a light that will never fade.

As builders, we write history in stone.

In the block of marble, the Freemason sees a masterpiece waiting to be revealed.

We bear the tools, but the Grand Architect does the craft.

Brotherhood begins on the level, lives in the plumb, and parts on the square.

By the light of the lodge, we find our way through the dark.

Strength in the foundation, beauty in the build, wisdom in the blueprint.

Freemasonry, not a secret society, but a society with secrets.

Turning the rough ashlar into a perfect stone.

Freemasons unite men who would otherwise remain at a perpetual distance.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step into the lodge.

A Freemason’s heart is always pointing due East.

The Masonic secret is to know that you do not know.

Making good men better, one degree at a time.

The secret of Freemasonry is to keep a secret.

In the heart of every Mason, there’s a pillar of strength, a cornerstone of wisdom, and a path to illumination.

Freemason brotherhood: We’re the builders of souls.

Freemasonry: Not a secret society, but a society with secrets.

The Masonic way: Believe. Behave. Become.

The character of a Freemason is built brick by brick.

Freemasonry: Where good men become better.

We don’t guarantee heaven, but we make the journey worthwhile.

Freemasons: Living stones in the temple of character.

Act upon the square, walk by the plumb, and part upon the level.

Being a Mason is not about the secret, it?s about the journey.

Freemasonry: It?s not just about the destination, but the journey of discovery.

Building better men, one degree at a time.

Masonic rituals: ancient teachings for a modern Brotherhood.

Freemasons: Symbolizing the cornerstone of conduct, character, and community.

Masonry is action, not a spectator sport.

Freemasons: Shaping the stone of character.

We’re not just a team, we’re a brotherhood.

In a world full of chaos, be a Freemason.

The secret of a Freemason lies in what he becomes, not in what he learns.

We are not makers of history. We are made by the history of eras.

In the heart of Freemasonry lies not only brotherhood but also wisdom and strength.

One sees light not through closed eyes but through an open mind.

The stone rejected by the builders is now the cornerstone. Such is the doing of freemasonry.

Strength in unity, progression in knowledge, and wisdom in action.

Being a brother of Freemasonry doesn?t end in the lodge, it continues in our hearts.

Humility and patience are the surest proofs of the increase of love.

Wherever you see a man of worth, a valuable man; there’s a mason.

Masonry is friendship, love, and integrity. Friendship which rises superior to the fictitious distinctions of society.

The temple of freemasonry is a temple of brotherhood, built by the trivet of faith, hope, and charity.

The mason builds his temple amongst mankind, and in his heart.

Freemasonry embraces the highest moral laws and will bear the test of any system of ethics or philosophy ever promulgated for the uplift of man.

In true brotherhood, Freemasonry stands conferred, and hand in hand approach the great unknown.

In unity we thrive, in secrecy we strive. We rise by lifting others; this is the core of Freemasonry.

Every mason is a brick glamored with values and virtues shaping a better world.

Under the umbrella of stars, every mason seeks the light of wisdom, the warmth of love, and the path of truth.

Being a Freemason is not only about bettering oneself, it’s about bettering everything and everyone around you.

Freemasonry is the guiding star to a soul with no bearings.

Enter to learn, go forth to serve. The essence of Freemasonry.

To be a Freemason, is to be held captive by the beauty in the pursuit of knowledge and truth.

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