Traditional Christmas Sayings and Phrases in Australia

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Down under, our Christmas cheer is found at the beach near, Merry Aussie Christmas!

May your prawns be juicy and the pavlova full, Merry Christmas from the Aussie pool!

No snow, no sleigh, but Christmas in Australia is still a jolly holiday!

An Aussie jingle bells for a swagman’s Christmas tale.

From the land of kangaroos, we wish a boomerang of blessings for you!

Deck the halls with boughs of wattle, ‘Tis the Aussie way to celebrate Yule!

Merry Christmas, mate! May Santa find his way to the outback with a sack full of joy!

Celebrate an Aussie Christmas Day, around the barbie with a cold ‘Tinnie’ as we say!

Throw another prawn on the barbie, mate, it?s time for Christmas in our sunburnt state!

Sun, sand, and surf on Christmas morn, In Australia, a new festive tradition is born.

Santa rides in a Holden sleigh, That?s how we do Christmas the Aussie way!

May your Christmas be as bright as our summer sun, and as full as a kangaroo’s pouch!

In the spirit of the great Down Under, sending Christmas wishes full of wonder.

Dashing through the sand, on a sun-soaked Christmas land.

Merry Christmas from Down Under, filled with awe and Aussie wonder!

Wishing you a ripper of a Christmas, from our barbie to your table!

Here’s to an Aussie Christmas filled with cheer, Where Santa dons his shorts and gulps a cold beer!

An Aussie Christmas isn’t about the snow, but about the warmth and love we show.

Throw another shrimp on the Barbie, it’s Christmas in Australia!

Jingle Jells, all across the waves, it’s Christmas down under, where the kangaroos play!

Deck the Outback with boughs of holly, Christmas is better in the land of Oz!

Santa has swapped his reindeers for kangaroos, Christmas in Australia is a beachy-boo!

It’s a sandy Aussie Christmas, with a barbie on the beach!

No snow, just sunshine glow, ringing in the Aussie Christmas show!

Australia’s Christmas cheer, is a cold beer in the hot summer?s cheer!

Santa in shorts and flip-flops, an Aussie Christmas rocks!

From Gold Coast to Perth, Aussie Christmas is filled with mirth!

Aussie jingle bells, Christmas under sunny spells!

Christmas down under, a wonder like no other!

Keep calm and say G’day, it’s an Australian Christmas day!

Christmas on the beach, with a koala within reach!

No one does it like the Aussies, cheers to Christmas where the kookaburra fusses!

Swapping snowflakes for sunshine, because Christmas is fine in summertime!

Down Under, the Christmas cheer is drenched in the summer?s heat!

Merry Christmas, Mate! May the summer?s joy fill your heart.

An Aussie Christmas might not have snow, but it?s packed with the sun?s glow!

Throw another shrimp on the barbie, it’s Christmas time in Aussie land!

Christmas joy under the Aussie sun, let?s have some beachside fun!

In the land down under, we celebrate Christmas with a thunder!

Christmas from a land where even Santa wears a sun hat!

Celebrate an Aussie Christmas, with BBQ, beaches, and sunshine bliss!

Have a ripper Christmas, mate! May happiness on you await!

Australian Christmas, a blend of sun, sand, and Santa?s band.

Wishing you a bubbly Aussie Christmas, just like our surf!

Feel the Christmas spirit, with the Aussie summer in it!

In Australia, Christmas cheers come with a surfboard and beers!

Crack a cold one, it’s Christmas down under!

An Aussie Christmas cheer – ‘Merry Christmas, Roo’ from here!?

?Christmas down under?, where the festivities come with summers? thunder!

Wishing you an Aussie Christmas, full of sunshine and happiness.

In Australia, we celebrate Christmas with a beachy cheer, mate!

Sand, surf, and Santa – that’s an Australian Christmas!

Under the Australian sky, wishing you a Christmas full of joy and high!?

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