Tote Bag Sayings: Creative and Inspiring Phrases to Personalize Your Bag

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Totes Amazebag

Bag It Up, Buttercup

Tote-ally Fabulous


Tote-ally In Love with This Bag

Life?s a Tote, Pack it Well

Stitched Dreams, Woven Reality

Carrying My World Inside

This Bag Carries My Swags

One Tote, Many Stories

In My Tote, I Trust

Not Just a Bag, It?s My Lifestyle

Caution: High Fashion Content Inside

Bagged Happiness

This Ain’t a Bag, It?s My Portable Universe

Collector of Moments, Not Things

This Bag Holds My Superpowers

Crazy Bag Lady

Wherever You Go, Go with All Your Tote

Funny, Sassy, Classy and Tote-ally Badassy!

Tote-ally Yours

Hugs ?n? Totes

Tote Life, Best Life

Pack Happiness, Spread Love

Here’s to the Totes We Love

Livin’ the Tote Life

Tote-ally Trendy

100% Tote-ful

Bag Full of Dreams

Following My Tote to My Dreams

Bag-tastic Adventure!

Carrying My World Inside.

Bagging it up since [insert year].

Totes Adorbs!

My other bag is a book.

This Bag Contains My Face.

Eco chic.

My life in a bag.

Tote-ally fabulous!

Eat, Sleep, Tote.

Totes My Oats.

Tote life or no life.

I tote therefore I am.

Have bag, will travel.

Totes going places.

Bag-itude on point.

This ain’t your grandma’s tote.

More issues than Vogue contained here.

Reduce, reuse, restyle.

Bags are girl’s best friend.

Who needs a man when I’ve got my tote?

Paper, plastic or fabulous?

Can’t touch this tote-ness.

Green bag, clean Earth.

Get out of my way! I’ve got a tote!

Catch flights, not feelings ? keep the tote.

My favorite color? Tote.

Handle with care ? precious contents.

I’ve got sunshine in my tote.

A well read woman is a dangerous creature ? beware the tote.

Eco is my Ego

Inside this bag lies a shopping addict

This bag carries my world

Walking Billboard of Eco-Friendliness

I recycle… I’m Sexy

Tote-ally fab

The world on my shoulder

Fantastic not Plastic

One small bag for a man, one giant leap for environment

Totes for the planet

Carrying style, not plastic

Own less. Live more.

I?m not a plastic drama queen

Making my mother earth proud

Less plastic, more fantastic

Reuse. Reduce. Re-fashion.

Make plastic extinct. Go green.

Fill me with sustainable goods

This ain’t no paper or plastic

Keep calm and carry a tote

I believe in Shopping Responsibly

This bag is Green, are you?

Not just trendy, but eco-friendly

Be easy on the earth

Addicted to sustainability

Boldly toting where no man has toted before

Today?s fashion accessory, tomorrow?s legacy

I carry, therefore I am

Fancy Totes for Fancy Folks

I?m totelly organic.

Shop less, Live more.

Totes in Love with Nature.

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