Top Wedding Hand Sanitizer Sayings for Your Big Day

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Spread Love, Not Germs

Love is Contagious, But So is the Flu

To Have and To Hold, and To Keep Your Hands Clean

Share the Love, Not the Germs

Purely for your Protection

Clean Hands for a Happy Life

Our Love is Infectious, Please Sanitize Your Hands

Sealed with a Kiss, Not Germs

Clean Hands, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose

Killing Germs and Taking Names

Keep Calm and Sanitize On

Sanitize Before You Socialize

In Sickness and In Health, Please Use the Gel

Spread the Love, Not the Virus

Keep Your Hands Clean, and Carry On

Free Your Hands From Germs

Clean Hands are Happy Hands

Vow to Keep Clean

Sanitize for Love & Happiness

Fight Germs, Not Love

Spread Love, Not Germs

In Sickness and In Health

Be Wise, Sanitize

Clean Hands, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose

Share the Love, Not the Germs

To Have and To Hold, and Always Keep Your Hands Clean

Love is Infectious, But So Are Germs

Together Forever, Germs Never


99% of Germs, Not The Mood

Clean Love is True Love

You’re The One That I Want, Not The Germs

‘Til Germs Do Us Part

Clean For A Kiss

May Your Love Be Stronger Than Any Virus

Fighting Germs, One Pump at a Time

Put Ring On It, Not Germs

Love First, Clean Hands Always

Pump, Rub and Celebrate

Choose Love, Choose Clean Hands

Join Hands, Not Germs

Spread love, not germs

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something… antibacterial.

Clean hands, full hearts, can’t lose

Love is sweet, so are clean hands

Our love went viral before it was trendy

Sanitize before you socialize

Vow to stay germ-free

To have and to hold… and to keep your drink cold

Love is infectious, but so is germs

For better and for sanitizer

Love isn’t the only thing in the air

We tied the knot, don’t tie your germs!

Keep calm and sanitize on

Sanitize for love’s sake

So fresh and so clean

You’ve shared in our happiness, now share in our health

Sharing our day, not our germs

Let’s give germs the slip!

Because we want to hold your hands

Here’s to love, laughter, and sanitary hands!

Clean hands, warm hearts

Put a ring on it and keep it clean

Hugs, kisses, and sanitary wishes

To have and to hold, from this day forward… germs-free

No germs allowed: it’s our big day!

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