These Violent Delights Quotes

These violent delights have violent ends. – William Shakespeare

Love is the most violent of all delights. – Juvenal

In the midst of chaos, find delight. – Unknown

Delight lies in the unexpected. – Unknown

Violence is the absence of true delight. – Unknown

The joys of violence are fleeting and empty. – Unknown

Delight is found in peace and tranquility. – Unknown

Seek pleasure instead of violence. – Unknown

True delight comes from within, not from acts of violence. – Unknown

The pursuit of violence leads to an empty existence. – Unknown

Violence begets violence, but delight begets joy. – Unknown

A truly delightful life is one free from violence. – Unknown

The greatest delights are found in the absence of violence. – Unknown

Choose delight over violence every time. – Unknown

Violence may bring fleeting pleasure, but true delight sustains. – Unknown

Delight is the key to a life well-lived, not violence. – Unknown

Violence is born out of a lack of true delight. – Unknown

Delight is the antidote to violence. – Unknown

Choose love and delight over violence. – Unknown

Violence kills joy, but delight lives on. – Unknown

Delight is the fuel that sustains us, not violence. – Unknown

Violence may be temporary, but true delight is eternal. – Unknown

The path to true delight is free from violence. – Unknown

Choose delight, not violence, in all that you do. – Unknown

The sweetest delights are found in peace, not violence. – Unknown

Violence is a temporary fix, while delight is a lasting joy. – Unknown

Delight is the purest form of pleasure, untouched by violence. – Unknown

Violence may give you a fleeting thrill, but delight gives you a lifetime of happiness. – Unknown

Delight is the ultimate weapon against violence. – Unknown

Violence only brings destruction, but delight brings creation. – Unknown

Seek delight in all things, and you will find the violence fade away. – Unknown

Delight is the power that can overcome violence. – Unknown

Violence is the enemy of true delight. – Unknown

Delight is the light that drives out the darkness of violence. – Unknown

Choose delight, not violence, as your guide through life. – Unknown

Violence may bring momentary satisfaction, but delight brings lasting fulfillment. – Unknown

Delight is the truest form of rebellion against violence. – Unknown

Violence may be loud, but delight is powerful in its silence. – Unknown

Choose the path of delight, not the path of violence. – Unknown

Violence is a destructive force, but delight is a life-giving one. – Unknown

Delight in the beauty of life, not in the violence of death. – Unknown

The pursuit of delight can transform the world, while violence only tears it apart. – Unknown

Violence may satisfy the ego, but delight satisfies the soul. – Unknown

Delight is the truest expression of our humanity, while violence is its darkest distortion. – Unknown

Choose delight over violence, and you will find a life worth living. – Unknown

Violence breeds pain and suffering, while delight breeds love and joy. – Unknown

Delight is a gift we can give ourselves, and violence is a burden we can choose to let go. – Unknown

Violence may promise power, but delight brings true strength. – Unknown

Delight in the beauty of the world, and violence will fade away. – Unknown

Choose delight as your weapon against violence, and watch as it crumbles before you. – Unknown

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