Sheriff Grady Judd: Memorable Quotes from a Fearless Lawman

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Choose your next thought carefully, it might be your last.

If you want to fight with the law, then be prepared to meet your maker.

We don’t negotiate with criminals. We bring them to justice.

Those who harm the innocent will not escape my radar.

Anyone who thinks they can take on the law will meet a dead end.

Crime only pays when you don’t get caught. We do our best to make sure you do.

I’d rather go down fighting the wrong, than standing on the sideline doing nothing.

There’s no vacation in law enforcement. It’s a 24/7 commitment.

The thin blue line just got a little bit thicker.

Committing a crime in my county is a one-way ticket to a cell.

The laws of the land are not up for negotiation. We make them, you follow them.

I don’t make the laws, I just make sure they’re enforced.

The only thing I love more than serving justice is serving my community.

If you’re gonna be stupid, you better be resilient.

Justice doesn’t work on your time, it works on the law’s time.

Being a sheriff isn’t just about carrying a gun, it’s about carrying the weight of your community.

I’m not just the sheriff, I’m a symbol of law and order.

If you break the law in my town, you’ve seen your last sunrise.

Our job isn?t to see through people, it?s to see people through.

By the time you see me coming, it’s already too late.

You kill a policeman it means no arrest…no Miranda rights…no negotiations…nothing but as many bullets as we can shoot into you. Plain and simple.

The people of my district hire me to take out the trash, and that’s what I do.

We are going to hunt this man down until we find him. Stabbing a woman to death is a personal and evil thing. So, hide and watch.

They’ve heard of us. They may think twice about traveling through Polk County.

When you victimize our community, we are going to hunt you down.

I understand that the politically correct thing to say is ‘We never shoot anyone in the back.’ Well, if you won’t shoot him in the back, Sheriff…step aside. Somebody else needs to be sheriff.

We are not politically correct. We’re just simply correct.

Did you watch the five o’clock news? Did you see that 72-year-old woman that was beaten and raped?

If you’re not scared of us, you’re dumber than I think you are.

I’m just an old-fashioned sheriff. Not a bit politically correct.

If you’re going to commit a crime, we’re going to put you in jail. It’s that simple.

Choose not to commit crime, and you won’t have to meet us up close and personal.

We don’t choose to shoot people. People choose for us to shoot them.

If you surrender peacefully, you have zero chances of getting hurt.

I’m not politically correct. I’m just correct.

If people believe that they can break the law and not get caught, they’re living in a fantasy world.

If you want to challenge us, we accept that challenge, and you will lose.

Our goal at the Sheriff’s Office is to protect and serve, not to coddle criminals.

Breaking the law is a decision. So is the decision to face the consequences.

You can run, but you can’t outrun a radio. We will always be one step ahead.

If they have a problem being arrested, they should stop their criminal behavior.

It’s not about 3 meals a day and a cot. It’s about doing time for doing crime.

Criminals are not the victims. They?re the victimizers.

If you value your life more than your stolen loot then don?t make any threatening moves.

Committing a burglary or a theft is bad, but shooting at a police officer is worse. Choose your actions wisely.

If you fire at us, we?re going to shoot back. If you shoot at my deputies, I absolutely want you to understand we?re going to shoot at you a lot.

They?re not going to jail if they hurt you or steal your property. They?re going to jail because they can?t do that right.?

We lock people up who violate the law. We don?t make those laws, the legislature does. You don?t like it, change the law.

Our job is to protect the community, not to babysit criminals.

There?s a very simple way to avoid getting shot: don?t point guns at a deputy sheriff.

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