Ruby Rhod Quotes

Multipass! It’s the only way to travel!

Big badda boom!

Ruby Rhod, the ultimate diva!

Are you ready to have your mind blown?

Don’t be hatin’ on the Ruby Rhod style!

I’m the golden microphone maestro!

Let the party begin!

Can you handle this level of fabulousness?

I’ve got style, I’ve got charisma, I’ve got it all!

Ruby Rhod, the king of cool!

Who needs a superhero when you’ve got Ruby Rhod?

I’m not just a DJ, I’m a force of nature!

If you can’t handle me at my most extra, you don’t deserve me at my most fabulous!

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to be dazzled!

There’s no party like a Ruby Rhod party!

I’m like a shooting star, here today and gone tomorrow.

Prepare for the full Ruby Rhod experience!

I’m the definition of one in a million!

Don’t just listen to my voice, feel it!

Forget diamonds, Ruby Rhod is a girl’s best friend!

I’m not here to entertain, I’m here to blow your mind!

I’m more powerful than the Fifth Element itself!

I don’t follow trends, I set them!

Ladies and gentlemen, buckle up and hold on tight!

I’m the life of the party, the party can’t start without me!

I bring the energy, the excitement, and the funk!

I don’t need an introduction, I make my own entrance!

I’m not just a DJ, I’m the soundtrack to your wildest dreams!

Bow down to the master of rhymes, the ruler of beats!

I’m not just a man, I’m a walking concert!

I’ve got the style that makes heads turn and hearts race!

I’m like a hurricane, leaving a trail of awesomeness in my wake!

Forget the red carpet, Ruby Rhod deserves a purple one!

I don’t just light up the stage, I ignite it!

I’m not here to entertain, I’m here to leave a legacy!

I’m the epitome of cool, the definition of awesome!

Get ready for a wild ride because Ruby Rhod is in the house!

I’m not just a voice, I’m a living legend!

In the game of life, Ruby Rhod is always winning!

I’m the secret ingredient to a good time!

I don’t need a superhero cape, my charisma is my superpower!

I’m the life of the party, with a dash of fabulousness!

I don’t follow the beat, I create it!

I’m not just a DJ, I’m a cosmic conductor of sound!

I’m larger than life, and twice as entertaining!

I’m like a supernova, shining bright and burning hot!

I’m the captain of the spaceship called Coolness!

I’m not just a celebrity, I’m a phenomenon!

I’m the ultimate showman, the epitome of entertainment!

I don’t do ordinary, I do extraordinary!

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