Regina George Quotes – Unleashing the Power of the Ultimate Mean Girl

I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.

On Wednesdays, we wear pink.

Get in loser, we’re going shopping.

Is butter a carb?

I stopped eating carbs, except on days that end in ‘Y’.

My hair is full of secrets.

I’m sorry that people are so jealous of me, but I can’t help it that I’m popular.

I’m not like a regular teenager, I’m, like, really pretty.

I will keep you here all night if I have to.

I can’t help it if people are intimidated by me.

I have a fifth sense. It’s like I have ESPN or something.

She’s a life ruiner. She ruins people’s lives.

So you agree, you think you’re really pretty.

Halloween is the one time of year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girl can say anything about it.

Gretchen, stop trying to make ‘fetch’ happen. It’s not going to happen.

Ex-boyfriends are just off-limits to friends. That’s just, like, the rules of feminism.

I’m not bossy. I’m the boss.

I don’t need back-ups. I’m Regina George.

If you’re from Africa, why are you white?

Don’t have sex. You will get pregnant and die.

If someone hit you with a bus, I would put you in front of a bus for you.

I bet she cheats on Aaron. I mean, I couldn’t help myself.

I don’t hate you because you’re fat. You’re fat because I hate you.

Regina George Quotes – Unleashing the Power of the Ultimate Mean Girl part 2

Your face smells like peppermint.

I’m not a regular blonde. I’m a cool blonde.

I can’t go out. I’m sick. *cough cough*

I always mean what I say.

I don’t wear my pink on Wednesdays, I wear it every day.

Stab Caesar!

Two people can’t wear the same dress. It’s tacky.

All I ever wanted was to be perfect. I feel like everyone hates me.

The limit does not exist.

Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by Regina George.

Boo, you whore!

She thinks she’s gonna have a party and not invite me? Who does she think she is?

You can’t just ask people why they’re white.

I don’t want to see you wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. That’s not your style. You need to dress like a princess.

I have an army of skanks.

If you even knew how mean she really is, you’d be on your knees thanking me for being her friend.

I’m beautiful no matter what they say.

You know I’m not allowed to wear hoop earrings, right?

You can’t sit with us!

You’re, like, really pretty… so you agree, you think you’re pretty too?

I don’t think my father, the inventor of Toaster Strudel, would be too pleased to hear about this.

I’m sorry if people are so jealous of me. But I can’t help it that I’m so popular.

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