Quotes about Snakes: Wisdom, Fear and Fascination

Even the smallest snake can hold deadly venom.

Snakes may slither, but they still move forward.

A snake in the grass is better than a viper in your bed.

You may admire a girl?s curves on the first introduction, but the second meeting shows up new angles. – Mae West

While the snake may shed its skin, it’s still a snake.

In the world of dreams, snakes are often a symbol of wisdom and knowledge.

One may learn the strength of a snake when it’s time to strike.

Like a snake, one?s life constantly sheds the old skin to reveal a newer one.

Some snakes aren’t poisonous, yet many people fear them for what they could be.

A snake that shows its fang threatens its killer.

A tongue like a snake, it can be gentle or it can be venomous.

Comparing one?s patience to a snake?s silence before attack.

Be like a snake, quiet until it’s time to make your presence known.

Never kiss a snake, you might like it.

In the snake?s nest, you must become a snake to survive.

Learning patience from a snake who waits for the perfect moment to strike.

Don’t tread on a snake, it may bite. Appreciate it from afar.

While some fear snakes, others see them as symbols of strength, transformation, and rebirth.

Life’s like handling a snake. You have to understand it before it understands you.

If a snake does not expose its venom, you might think it?s just another worm.

Snakes are just fancy ropes that hate you.

We are all serpents, just wearing different scales.

The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be mind. – Friedrich Nietzsche

If you see a snake, just kill it. Don’t appoint a committee on snakes. – H. Ross Perot

Fear is the main source of superstition, and one of the main sources of cruelty. To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom, in the pursuit of truth as in the endeavour after a worthy manner of life. – Bertrand Russell

The snake that bites you is often the one you have been feeding.

In seeking wisdom, the first step is silence; the second, listening; the third, remembering; the fourth, practicing; the fifth, teaching others. – Solomon Ibn Gabirol

Life is like a game of snakes and ladders. You sometimes have to encounter setbacks in order to progress further.

In life, it’s not the snakes that hurt you. It?s seeing them in the places you thought were safe.

Fascinating as a snake, is a snake. – Munia Khan

Don?t let the tall weeds cast a shadow on beautiful flowers in your garden. – Steve Maraboli

Even snakes are afraid of snakes – Steven Wright

All the snake truly wants, all it truly desires; is merely to be left alone.

A snake will always be a snake, even if it sheds its skin.

Even now, there is no proof that the snake was, in fact, a snake. Snakes have a reputation for duplicity, you know. Perhaps it was a centipede in disguise. – Catherynne M. Valente

Tread a worm on the road by mistake, and turn back in dread; but do not treat a snake so lightly. – Thiruvalluvar

Humans are not the only creatures on earth who love, mourn, rage and fear. We are just the only ones who build our beliefs and biases on the backbone of our pain. – Susan Blackmore

Like a snake, my heart has shed its skin. I hold it here in my hand, full of honey and wounds. – Federico Garcia Lorca

Trusting a snake not to bite because it’s not poisonous is like trusting a man not to hurt you because he’s a gentleman.

There are times when the unseen can be even more dangerous than what our eyes behold. – Erin Hunter.

Snakes might spook you, but they symbolize transformation and healing.

No venom, no gain. Be like a snake, silently growing stronger.

Snakes with their silent but potent nature remind us that there is power in observation & patience.

While some see snakes as a symbol of evil, others recognize them as a symbol of knowledge and wisdom.

The deadly allure of a snake is the lure of the unknown.

A snake doesn’t mourn when shedding its skin, it outgrows the old and embraces the new.

Silent yet observant, mysterious yet attractive; that’s the enigma that is a snake.

Just like in life, snakes bite only when provoked.

Embrace the snake’s lesson: shed off the old for the sake of new growth.

The snake, it moves in mysterious ways, showing us not all paths in life are straight.

Be like a snake ? always watchful, deeply intuitive, and quietly powerful.

Snakes may slither slowly and silently, but they always get where they want to go.

Like a snake, one must shed the old skin to truly grow.

If you want to move forward, be a snake, leave your past behind like it leaves its skin.

The world fears snakes because it fears the unknown.

Unlike humans, snakes don’t poison with their mouths. Lesson learned.?

The snake’s silent wisdom reminds us that there’s a time to speak and a time to remain silent.

Snakes teach us that the essence of life is to be patient when seeking opportunities.

Snakes are mysterious, not to evoke fear, but to dive into the unknown.

Just like snakes, life too can rejuvenate itself and start fresh.

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