Profound Demon Quotes and Sayings to Enlighten You


Demons run when a good man goes to war.

Even the devil was once an angel.

Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is known consciously, the blacker and denser it is.

Not all demons come from hell; some are created by our own actions.

Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.

Befriend your demons and see angels come to your door.

You must not fight too often with one enemy, or you will teach him all your tricks of war.?

He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.

Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

Sometimes you must get close to your demon to get the better of them.

In each of us, two natures are at war ? the good and the evil. All our lives the fight goes on between them, and one of them must conquer.

I have learned that the monster who lurks in the darkness is not always in the form we imagine.

Demons are like obedient dogs; they come when they are called.

Every angel has a demon shadow.

Our demons are different, yet they play together very well.

I’ve learned that you should never underestimate the spirit of a demon, lest it consumes you whole.

Demons are not born; they are made.

Where God stands, the devil falls.

Face your demons, don’t feed them.

Our own personal demons are the hardest to fight.

Evil wears many masks, but none so dangerously beguiling as the guise of a demon.

Those who dance with demons know a waltz of shadows and fear.

Dare speak a demon’s name and you risk painting the moon scarlet with nightmare.

Demons don’t dwell in hell alone, they find homes in our hearts too.

The heart of a dreamer can be the playground of demons.

Don’t judge demons by their horns, but what they set ablaze.

Smiling demons are the deadliest, their charm is your doom, their allure, your end.

Falling in love with a demon is like dancing on the ashes of your own sanity.

Talking to your demons can often tell you more about yourself, than speaking with angels.

If you have ever walked with a demon, you have waltzed in darkness.

Some of the most profound stories are written in the ink of demonic laughter.

Demons don’t always lurk in the dark, sometimes they hide in plain sight, politely smiling.

Those who seek to tame demons shall master themselves first.

Our personal demons dress in our wounds and parade in our insecurities.

A single whisper of a demon can sow the seed of a thousand doubts.

Sometimes the most beautiful souls carry the heaviest demons.

Every demon has a story, not all are tales of evil, but testaments of endurance.

There may be demons among us, but so, too, the angels to battle them.

In the heart of chaos, even demons can find a strange sense of peace.

When demons hold a mirror, remember, it isn’t your reflection but their deception.

Even demons can play pretend, but only time unveils the truth.

Let demons from the past stay in the past, look forward to the angels of the future.

Every angel has a past; every demon has a future.

Beauty is the only heaven where demons can hide.

Sometimes the demons that are hardest to fight are the ones we enjoy entertaining.

We all have our demons, some just choose to nurture them.

Even in the sweetness of love, there can lie a demon of obsession.

Turn your demons into art, your shadows into a friend, your fear into fuel, your failures into teachers.

Sometimes we must make friends with our demons; they are the only company we keep in solitary moments.

Demons are not born, they are created by the sins we commit.

To be human is to battle with demons in the soul, yet never to lose sight of the angel’s touch.

We all have inner demons to fight, but what makes us human is how we control these demons.

Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free.

The devil whispers ‘You can’t withstand the storm.’ The warrior within me replies, ‘I am the storm.’

The demon?s strength is the human’s weakness.

Humans created the demon; the demon returned the favor.

Every person carries a pack of demons; the brave ones face them.

Demons do not knock before entering, but it?s entirely your decision to let them stay.

Life is a delicate balance between angels and demons, the art of living lies in taming both.

If you play with fire, you will end up either a saint or a demon.

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