Poltergeist Quotes

They’re here!

They won’t rest until we’re all dead.

This house is haunted by an evil presence.

Don’t go in there! It’s not safe!

The poltergeist is manipulating the objects in the house.

The spirits are trapped and need our help to move on.

Something is trying to communicate with us from the other side.

We are not alone in this house.

The poltergeist is feeding off our fear.

There’s an unexplainable force at work here.

I can feel their presence all around me.

This is not a typical haunting, it’s something much worse.

We need to find a way to banish the poltergeist.

The poltergeist has taken over our lives.

There’s nowhere to hide from the poltergeist’s wrath.

We must confront our fears to defeat the poltergeist.

The energy in this house is off the charts.

The spirits are angry and seeking revenge.

The poltergeist is trying to possess one of us.

We’re dealing with a malevolent spirit.

There’s no rational explanation for what’s happening here.

The poltergeist has a vendetta against our family.

We must find the source of the poltergeist’s power.

The poltergeist is playing mind games with us.

The spirits have taken control of our reality.

The poltergeist is toying with us for amusement.

We’re trapped in a nightmare with no escape.

The poltergeist won’t stop until it achieves its goal.

We’ve awakened an ancient evil beyond our comprehension.

The spirits are lashing out in anger and despair.

We’re being tormented by unseen forces.

The poltergeist is using our fear against us.

We’re caught in a battle between the living and the dead.

There’s a darkness in this house that won’t be extinguished.

The poltergeist is trying to break us down.

The spirits are calling out for help, but we must be careful who we trust.

This house is a portal to another realm.

We must find the key to ending this haunting.

The poltergeist is a master manipulator.

The spirits are trying to warn us of something.

We need to find a way to set the trapped souls free.

The poltergeist is the embodiment of pure evil.

We’re pawns in the poltergeist’s game.

The spirits are feeding off our negative energy.

We’re being dragged deeper into the darkness by the poltergeist.

The poltergeist’s power grows stronger with each passing day.

The spirits are seeking vengeance for past wrongs.

We must find a way to break the poltergeist’s hold on us.

The poltergeist is using our loved ones against us.

We’re battling an enemy we can’t see or fully understand.

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