Playboi Carti Quotes

Die Lit, live forever.

I’m a rockstar, no guitar.

Turn my voice into a bad habit.

Only the real recognize the real.

Countin’ up commas, no time for drama.

Diamonds on my wrist, shining like a disco ball.

I don’t play games, I play tracks.

Doing things they never thought I could.

They can’t understand my language, it’s encrypted.

I’m a king, call me King Carti.

Money on my mind, hustle all the time.

Living life like it’s a movie.

I’m a rockstar, baby, ain’t no doubt.

I don’t need no stylist, I’m my own fashion.

I walk with confidence, swag dripping.

I’m the wave that never crashes.

Success is my addiction, I can’t get enough.

I came from nothing, turned it into something.

I’m the plug, supply the fire.

They try to copy, but can’t replicate.

I make the beat, then I slay on it.

I’m on a different wavelength, they can’t reach me.

If it ain’t high fashion, I don’t rock it.

I’m a star, shining brighter than the sun.

I’m the future, they just catching up.

Money talks, I just translate.

I’m a lyrical magician, words are my spells.

I shine like a diamond in the rough.

I’m a wild card, can’t be tamed.

I’m a trendsetter, they follow my lead.

Focused on the bag, nothing else matters.

I’m a winner, they just playing catch up.

I’m a player, they’re just spectators.

I’m a king in the making, watch the throne.

Haters tryna bring me down, but I rise above.

I’m a legend, they’ll remember my name.

I was built for this, can’t be torn down.

They can’t match my energy, it’s unmatched.

I’m a mastermind, always one step ahead.

I put my heart and soul into every rhyme.

I’m a poet with a microphone, creating art.

I’m a rebel, breaking boundaries.

I’m the voice of the youth, they hear me roar.

I’m a phoenix, rising from the ashes.

I’m a visionary, painting pictures with words.

I’m a firestarter, igniting the crowd.

I’m a soldier, fighting for my dreams.

I’m unstoppable, no force can hold me back.

I’m a supernova, blazing through the galaxy.

I’m the captain of my destiny, steer my own ship.

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