Old Gregg Quotes

  • I’m Old Gregg, and I’ve got a mangina, what do you think of that?
  • Do ya love me?
  • I’m a scaly man-fish, and I’ve got a lot of love to give.
  • Ever drunk Baileys from a shoe?
  • I’m gonna hurt you!
  • Make an assessment.
  • Do you like my tied up boots?
  • I’m fish, and I like water.
  • I’m Old Gregg, I know watercolors.
  • I’ve got the funk, the funk-a-tonic!
  • This is as close to Baileys as you’re gonna get!
  • Ever drunk distilled water, son?
  • You ever drunk paint thinner?
  • Piss take no more!
  • You better stay away from Old Gregg’s mangina!
  • I’m Old Gregg, the guardian of the funk.

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  • Do you ever come here? Do you know who I am?
  • This is my lake you cockney twat!
  • What do you think of me, now that I’ve shown you my downstairs mix up?
  • I’m Old Gregg, I’m unique!
  • You’re playing with fire, little man!
  • I’m not like them other guys, you’ll see!
  • I could do you a drawing, if you like!
  • Who are you? What do you want?
  • You ever go to a club where people wee on each other?
  • Why don’t you come with me, we’ll go underwater!
  • I’m Old Gregg, I have rights!
  • Ever eaten a live duck?
  • Guess what I got!
  • I’m a lover, not a fighter!
  • I’m more of a water man myself.
  • I’m a big part of what this world is!

Old Gregg Quotes

  • I’m Old Gregg, I’m a published author!
  • I’ve got a transvestite’s disco downstairs!
  • You want some Bailey’s? I’ve got Bailey’s.
  • I’m Old Gregg, and I’ve got a love pump
  • I’m an artist, you see!
  • You ever licked a Baileys off a… shoe?!
  • You know, you don’t frighten me.
  • I’m Old Gregg! I’m from another realm!
  • I’ve got so much love to give!
  • You don’t know me! You don’t know what I got!
  • You ever try to drink Baileys from a shoe on a boat?
  • I got dreams of like… watercolors!
  • You don’t know what it’s like being a freaky fish!
  • I’m just a water man, baby.
  • You better recognize Old Gregg!
  • I could snap you like a pencil!
  • I’m Old Gregg, motherlickers!
  • Ever drunk Baileys from a skull?

FAQ Legend of Old Gregg

What British TV comedy series is known for its unique humor and includes the character Howard Moon?

The British TV comedy series known for its unique humor and including the character Howard Moon is “The Mighty Boosh.” This show blends surreal humor, peculiar characters, and whimsical narratives, making it a cult favorite among fans of British comedy.

In which episode does Howard Moon say the quote, “I’m as big as a garage”?

Howard Moon says the quote, “I’m as big as a garage,” in the “The Mighty Boosh” episode titled “The Legend of Old Gregg.” This episode is particularly famous for its absurd humor and memorable lines.

Can you describe the character Old Gregg from “The Mighty Boosh” and how he is related to Howard Moon?

Old Gregg is a peculiar and iconic character from “The Mighty Boosh,” known for being a half-man, half-fish creature. He lives in a deep sea cave and encounters Howard Moon during the episode “The Legend of Old Gregg.” Old Gregg is infamously known for his obsession with Howard, his eerie green glow, and his proclamation of having a “mangina.” The episode featuring Old Gregg is memorable for its bizarre humor and has contributed to the character becoming a cult icon.

What makes “The Mighty Boosh” a unique addition to British TV comedy, and how do its quotes, like the ones about Howard Moon and Old Gregg, contribute to its fame?

“The Mighty Boosh” stands out in British TV comedy for its innovative and surreal humor, blending music, fantastical storytelling, and a unique visual style. Characters like Howard Moon and Old Gregg, along with their outlandish quotes, contribute significantly to its fame. Quotes like “I’m as big as a garage” and descriptions of Old Gregg as a “fuzzy little man peach” or “big fish finger” showcase the show’s creative approach to comedy, making it memorable and quotable. The series’ ability to create a bizarre, yet endearingly funny world is key to its enduring popularity and influence on the genre of comedy.

How does the episode featuring Howard Moon and Old Gregg from “The Mighty Boosh” use comedy to explore themes of identity and perception?

The episode featuring Howard Moon and Old Gregg from “The Mighty Boosh” uses comedy to explore themes of identity and perception through its absurd and surreal narrative. Old Gregg’s ambiguous nature and his obsession with Howard challenge traditional perceptions of identity and sexuality in a humorous way. The dialogue and interactions, including memorable quotes, play on the characters’ confusion and discomfort, providing comedic insight into how identity can be fluid and multifaceted. This episode, like many others in the series, uses humor to subtly comment on social norms and the complexity of human relationships, all while entertaining the audience with its unconventional storylines.

What role does the quote “I’m as big as a garage” play in the humor and storytelling of “The Mighty Boosh” episode featuring Howard Moon and Old Gregg?

The quote “I’m as big as a garage,” delivered by Howard Moon in the episode featuring Old Gregg, plays a significant role in the humor and storytelling of “The Mighty Boosh.” This exaggerated statement embodies the show’s surreal humor and its penchant for absurdity. It contributes to the episode’s comedic effect by showcasing Howard’s attempt to assert himself in a bizarre situation, ultimately highlighting the surreal and unpredictable world of “The Mighty Boosh.” The humor derived from such quotes adds to the episode’s appeal, making the dialogue memorable and enhancing the series’ cult status among fans of British comedy.

In what ways has “The Mighty Boosh,” particularly the episodes featuring characters like Howard Moon and Old Gregg, influenced the landscape of British comedy?

“The Mighty Boosh,” through episodes featuring characters like Howard Moon and Old Gregg, has significantly influenced the landscape of British comedy by pushing the boundaries of traditional sitcoms and sketch shows. Its blend of surreal humor, musical elements, and fantastical plots has paved the way for a more experimental and genre-blending approach to comedy. The show’s success demonstrated an appetite for unconventional humor and narrative styles, encouraging other creators to explore more diverse and creative forms of comedic expression. Characters and quotes from the series have become iconic within pop culture, illustrating the show’s lasting impact and its role in shaping the direction of British comedy.

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