New Year Church Sign Inspirations and Sayings

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Ring in the New Year with Faith, Hope, and Love!

New Year, New Beginnings, Same God.

Don’t drop the ball on your faith in the New Year.

New Year’s Resolution: Grow Closer to God.

Start the New Year on your knees. Pray More!

Clergy’s Forecast: God Reigns in the New Year!

Enter into His gates with Thanksgiving, into the New Year with Praise.

Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and every New Year.

In the New Year, let God draft your Resolutions.

Take a leap of Faith this New Year.

The New Year is God’s refreshing gift of Grace.

God Infused New Year Awaits!

Fresh HOPES, Fresh PLANS, Same FAITH.

Celebrate a New Year with God at the center.

In the New Year, harvest Blessings, sow Love.

This New Year, fall in love with Jesus anew.

Resolve to evolve in Faith this New Year.

Commit your year to the Lord and your plans will succeed.

Sparkle with God’s Love in the New Year.

In God’s book, every day is a fresh start.

New Year ? New Mercies, Same Grace.

Step into the New Year with Faith by your side.

Every sunrise of the New Year is a surprise from God.

Hello, New Year. Let’s walk with Jesus together.

A new year?s beginning, With God always winning.?

Start the New Year kneeling before God, so you can stand against anything!

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. Live for God today!

New year, new beginnings. Start this one with faith.

Make a resolution to put God in your resolution.

Set your mind to serve Lord this New Year.

Let God guide your footsteps into the New Year.

New year’s resolution: Walk by faith, not by sight.

Welcome New Year with faith, love, and Christ.

May your New Year blossom with the blessings of God.

God?s love is new every morning and His mercy never ends. Happy New Year!

Turn the page of life with Jesus this New Year.

This New Year, don’t just embrace change, embrace God.

Count your New Year?s blessings, not your problems.

With Jesus in your heart, every year is a good year.

New Year?s Resolution: More Jesus, less world.

Let God unwrap the New Year, He knows what’s inside.

New Year, same God. His love never changes.

Enter New Year with Jesus, exit with blessings.

Unwrap the gift of God’s grace this New Year.

Live joyfully, love plentifully, and count your blessings in the New Year.

Invite God into your new year. His presence is the best present.

Aim for a splendid new year, but don’t forget, Christ is the center.

Keep faith this new year. God has a plan for you.

New year, new blessings, same God.

This New Year, go where God leads.

Welcome 2022: New Beginnings, Fresh Faith!

Start the New Year with a Leap of Faith!

A New Year ? God?s Gift, Unbox with Prayer!

Embrace the New Year with Open Hearts and Open Bibles!

In 2022, Resolve to Revolve Around Faith!

Out with the old, In with the renewed faith!

2022: Time for New Hope, New Faith!

New Year’s Resolution: More Jesus!

May the New Year renew your Spirit and Strengthen your Faith.

Ring in the New Year with Prayer and Praise!

Welcome New Beginnings with Grace and Gratitude!

Trust in the Lord for a Blessed 2022!

New Year, New Blessings, Believe in His Timing!

Take a Faithful Leap into 2022!

This 2022, Let’s Live by Faith, not by sight!

Happy New Spirit ? Happy New Year!

God?s Promises are new Every Morning of this New Year

Prayers for Peace, Prosperity, and Presence in

Walk in Faith this New Year; His Love will Light the Path

Let the past be your Lesson, the Future – God’s Promise!

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