Mighty Ducks Quotes

Fly together, fall together.

Quack attack is back, Jack!

The ducks are quacking, and the opponent’s shaking.

We may be small, but we’re mighty.

Ducks quack, champions attack.

We’re not ducks, we’re warriors on ice.

Ducks fly high, opponents say goodbye.

The quack pack is ready to attack.

Flying high, skating fast, we’re the mighty ducks, built to last.

Be fearless like a duck, soar like a champion.

The ducks have big dreams and even bigger goals.

We’re not just a team, we’re a family of ducks.

Quacking and clacking, opponents backtracking.

The ice is our home, victory is our destiny.

Quack, quack, here comes the attack!

In feathers we trust, the ducks will never rust.

Break the ice, break the opponent’s will to fight.

The ducks are sleek, the ducks are strong, the ducks can do no wrong.

Fly like an eagle, strike like a duck.

The ducks’ quacks are the opponents’ worst nightmare.

Never underestimate the power of a determined duck.

Ducks never back down, they just quack louder.

Champions are made on the ice, not in the locker room.

The ducks don’t follow the pack, they lead it.

Quacking loud, scoring proud, the ducks are taking the crowd.

The ducks don’t stop until they get to the top.

When the going gets tough, the tough get quacking.

The mighty ducks bring the fire, you better be prepared to retire.

Quacks and goals, that’s how the mighty ducks roll.

Quack, skate, score – the ducks do it all and more.

In ducks we trust, victory is a must.

The ducks are legends in the making, and the opponent’s hearts are breaking.

Quacking for glory, skating the story.

Quack attack, never look back.

Ducks on ice, opponents pay the price.

Ducks fly together, winning hearts forever.

Quack, attack, and never look back.

Quacking up the competition, the ducks swim to the top.

Skating with the grace of a swan, striking like a mighty duck.

Ducks gliding, opponents sliding.

Quack and score, leave ’em begging for more.

Quack with pride, victory on our side.

The ducks bring the thunder and the lightning, the opponents are shaking and frightening.

Ducks on a mission, opponents lost in transition.

Quacking all the way, nothing standing in our way.

Quack, attack, and never look back.

Ducks on fire, opponents tire.

Ducks racing on the ice, opponents paying the price.

Quacking with style, opponents can’t compete, even for a mile.

Skating with the might of a thousand ducks, opponents are simply out of luck.

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