Memorable Dnd Sayings: A Look at the Most Iconic Dungeons and Dragons Quotes

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There’s no problem a fireball can’t solve.

Today is a good day to res.

Roll with it, you never know what you might crit.

Life is short, treasure the initiative.

Actions always speak louder than rolls.

Ain’t no rest for the wicked spellcaster.

Treat your character like your dice, both are in your hands.

Prone today, flying tomorrow.

To err is human, blame it on the dice.

Always a twinkle in the paladin?s eye.

Great victories come from even greater critical hits.

Bilbo was right, adventures make you late for dinner.

An ale in every tavern, a song in every battle.

Kill the monsters, steal the treasure, stab your buddy.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…or maybe not, if you roll a

A dragon a day keeps the DM at bay.

If the DM is smiling, it’s already too late.

Don?t forget to occasionally stop and loot the corpses.

You know you’re in trouble when the bard is the one who’s left standing.

The dice giveth and the dice taketh away.

Reroll your life by rolling the dice.

Role-playing: where you can be anything you roll.

Life is a board game, and I?m still dealing with D&D.

In dungeons and dragons, the dragon is always within us.

May your rolls be high and your adventures epic.

I fight monsters in dungeons. What’s your superpower?

In D&D, it’s all about having the right roll at the right time.

Life isn’t a game, but sometimes I wish it was D&D.

Get lost in a world of dragons and dungeons.

Dungeon Master: creating epic stories, one roll at a time.

Party like a halfling, fight like a barbarian.

Roll the dice and face your fate.

There’s no such thing as an insignificant roll in D&D.

Riding the dragon ? that?s my kind of adventure.

D&D: because life is too short for boring stories.

A great D&D session is the best form of escapism.

Don’t just roll the dice, live the adventure.

No challenge is too great when you have a die in hand.

Monster slayer by evening, dungeon master by night.

In D&D, even the smallest adventurers can achieve the greatest victories.

When life gives you lemons, hope they’re not from a trickster mage.

After a hard day of fighting, don’t forget to count your arrows… and your limbs.

A line in the sand is all well and good until the sand turns into quicksand.

Never trust a wizard. They change their spells like they change their robes. Frequently and with a lot of flair.

Beware of goblins bearing gifts. Actually, just beware of goblins.

The journey is half the adventure and the other half is surviving the journey.

If you don?t want to be stabbed in the back, then don?t turn it.

In the cobweb of lies, the truth is a spider waiting to strike.

An elven friend may not shorten your journey, but they will likely make it prettier.

A clever halfling can outsweet-talk a bard.

A dragon’s hoard: the original extreme makeover home edition.

A mind flayer?s best weapon is the one you willingly give it.

Even a dungeon has two sides to every door.

A friend to a goblin is a foe to stability.

Fortune favors the bold, but only until they meet an ancient red dragon.

The best heroic tales are written in blood and sweat. And sometimes, other fluids.

In the heat of battle, even an orc can shine? preferably in your enemy’s eyes.

A rogue is a warlock?s best friend.,

The sword is mightier than the pen, especially in close combat.

The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own wand.

The beast you slay today could also be the monster under your bed tonight.

Respect all, fear none, and kiss up to the dungeon master.

If you’re fighting alone, you’re doing it wrong.

The great thing about immortal wizards is they have all the time in the world to plot your doom.

The key to a great dungeon crawl: always bring more than one rogue.

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