Llamas with hats quotes

Carl, why do you always have to put human limbs in the blender?

You know what’s not a good prank, Carl? Stealing someone’s kidney.

There’s a fine line between art and mutilation, and Carl just stepped over it.

Carl, why did you build a throne out of human bones in our living room?

I don’t think ‘destroy the world’ should be on our bucket list, Carl.

Carl, throwing our neighbor’s cat off the roof is not entertainment.

Sometimes I wonder if Carl knows the definition of ‘morality’.

Carl, consuming an entire village of people is not a picnic.

I never thought I would miss the days of just llama yoga, Carl.

Carl, how did you manage to turn our peaceful llama sanctuary into a crime scene?

Carl, I hope you’re happy, we’re banned from the zoo now.

Carl, I don’t think using human skulls as flower pots counts as home decor.

Every time Carl says ‘I have an idea’, I know we’re in trouble.

Carl, why do you always have to set things on fire? Can’t we just enjoy a quiet evening?

Carl, I don’t think ‘things could have been worse’ is a valid excuse for your actions.

Carl, your idea of romance is seriously messed up.

Carl, no amount of maracas can fix the mess you’ve made.

Sometimes I think Carl should have been born a psychopath, not a llama.

Carl, I’m starting to question your sanity, and mine for staying with you.

Carl, did you really have to turn our bathroom into a crime scene?

Carl, I never thought I would say this, but you’ve even scared away the squirrels.

Carl, blowing up the moon is not going to solve any of our problems.

Carl, stealing the mayor’s wig is not a political statement.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Carl, please stop flinging spaghetti at our guests.

Carl, I think it’s time we reconsider our friendship with the sharks.

Carl, can you at least pretend to have a conscience?

Carl, I hope you realize that world domination is not the key to happiness.

Carl, I don’t think ‘chaos’ is a suitable theme for our birthday party.

Carl, please stop bringing severed heads to our family dinners.

Carl, I don’t think burying people alive can be justified as an art form.

Carl, please tell me you didn’t turn our llama sanctuary into a llama-themed amusement park.

Carl, using your llama powers for evil is not cool.

Carl, I’m starting to think you have a secret agenda to terrorize mankind.

Carl, I hope you’re aware that llama yoga is supposed to promote inner peace, not chaos.

Carl, I can’t believe I have to say this, but cannibalism is never a good idea.

Carl, I think you need therapy. Like seriously, professional help.

Carl, I don’t think ‘finding the meaning of life’ involves blowing up the universe.

Carl, I’m starting to think you were raised by llamas with questionable values.

Carl, turning our llama sanctuary into a llama army training facility was not part of the plan.

Carl, I don’t think ‘lighting the sky on fire’ is considered a romantic gesture.

Carl, I think it’s time we address your obsession with human dummies.

Carl, I never thought I would say this, but I miss the days when you were just obsessed with bananas.

Carl, please stop trying to recruit llamas for your ‘evil llama empire’.

Carl, our neighbors are starting to think we have a llama murder spree going on. Thanks to you!

Carl, I don’t think llamas are meant to be used as deadly weapons.

Carl, if only you put your creativity into something productive, like painting or llama poetry.

Carl, I hope one day you’ll realize that causing chaos is not the path to enlightenment.

Carl, I don’t think llama yoga is supposed to involve dismemberment.

Carl, I hope your dream of becoming the ‘supreme llama overlord’ is just a phase.

Carl, sometimes I wonder why I even bother trying to understand your twisted logic.

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