LeBron’s Funniest Quotes

I’m too focused on my game to be worried about being funny, but you’re welcome for the entertainment.

I don’t mince words, I dunk them.

If I were a comedian, I’d have a lot of funny assists.

Defenders try to make me laugh, but they can’t catch me.

I may not be a stand-up comedian, but I am a stand-out player.

If basketball was a joke, I’d be the punchline.

I don’t need jokes, I let my game do the talking.

I make defenders laugh when I blow past them for an easy basket.

My game is so funny, it should have its own sitcom.

I’m like a one-man comedy show on the court, making everyone laugh with my skills.

I’m not just a king on the court, I’m a court jester too.

I’m two steps ahead of my opponents and a punchline ahead of comedians.

If you want a good laugh, just watch me school my opponents.

I’m the funny bone in the NBA, always cracking jokes with my plays.

I don’t need to be funny, I let my game do the talking… and it’s hilarious.

I may not have a stand-up routine, but the way I play is comedy gold.

I don’t do comedy clubs, I do basketball courts.

I don’t crack jokes, I crack ankles.

Defenders are my audience, and I always leave them laughing.

I’m not just the king of basketball, I’m the king of comedic timing.

If I ever quit basketball, I could have a second career as a clown.

LeBron’s Funniest Quotes part 2

My game is so funny, it should come with a warning for laughter-induced injuries.

If basketball was a sitcom, I’d be the star and the punchline.

I’m not here to make you laugh, but if you do, it’s a bonus.

I don’t need punchlines, I let my dunks do the talking.

I’ve got jokes, but my crossover is even funnier.

I may not be a comedian, but my game is a comedy of errors for my opponents.

I’m more than just a basketball player, I’m a laugh-inducing phenomenon.

If you’re not laughing, you’re not watching me play.

I don’t need to tell jokes, my game is funny enough.

I don’t need a mic to be funny, just a basketball.

I make defenders laugh so hard, they forget to guard me.

I don’t need a script to be funny, just a court and a ball.

I’m like a stand-up comedian, except instead of laughter, I get applause with every basket.

I’ve got moves that are funnier than any joke you’ll hear.

I don’t need a stage to be funny, just a court and an opponent.

I don’t need a comedy routine, I let my game speak for itself… and it’s hilarious.

I’m the laughter in the NBA, always bringing a smile to the court.

I’m not a comedian, but my game is a joke to defenders.

I don’t need a punchline, I let my dunks do the talking.

I make comedy out of defenders’ attempts to stop me.

I’m the king of basketball and the king of making people laugh.

I don’t need a clown costume to be funny, just a basketball uniform.

I’m like a stand-up comedian, except my jokes involve fancy footwork and slam dunks.

I may not be a comedian, but I’ve got a killer crossover that’ll make you laugh.

I don’t tell jokes, I let my no-look passes and behind-the-back dribbles do the talking.

My game is so funny, I could make a statue of Liberty laugh.

I’m not a comedian, but I’ll make you laugh with my sick moves.

I bring the laughter, the skills, and the championship rings.

I don’t need a mic to be funny, just a basketball court and some defenders to embarrass.

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