League of Legends Quotes

You can’t milk those! – Alistar

Embrace the shadows, or die in darkness. – Zed

True strength comes from within. – Master Yi

I was made for this! – Jinx

The heart is the strongest muscle. – Dr. Mundo

Time to feed! – Tahm Kench

I decide what the tide will bring. – Nautilus

Your skills are inferior. – Veigar

I’m my own backup. – Riven

I will be the best. – Yasuo

Who needs a map? – Jax

I never skip breakfast. – Gragas

The cycle of life and death continues. – Yorick

Stand still! My eyes are on the side of my head. – Vel’Koz

Even gods bleed. – Pantheon

Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like banana. – Zilean

I always take my toll. Blood, or gold. – Gangplank

I will guide you, summoner. – Kayle

The rivers will run red. – Swain

I like my enemies two ways: dead or about to be. – LeBlanc

Only fools hesitate. – Fiora

I will be the monster they think I am. – Amumu

There is no treasure greater than knowledge. – Ezreal

The dark should fear me. – Lucian

Change is good. – Shyvana

Violence solves everything! – Katarina

The world is a tapestry of pain. – Singed

I bring swift death. – Hecarim

I fight for a brighter tomorrow. – Garen

League of Legends Quotes part 2

I sense fear. – Warwick

Time for a true display of skill! – Riven

Fear is the first of many foes. – Galio

Let’s light it up! – Brand

Welcome to the League of Draven. – Draven

To conquer oneself is to conquer all. – Irelia

The cycle of life and death continues. We will live, they will die. – Nasus

They will regret opposing me. – Darius

The struggle is eternal. – Malphite

Trust nothing but your strength. – Xin Zhao

I will be your worst nightmare. – Nocturne

I am evil! Stop laughing! – Veigar

Precision is the difference between a butcher and a surgeon. – Shen

Violence solves everything! – Katarina

Eternal life, endless torture. – Mordekaiser

For the honor of all Demacians! – Lux

There is no antidote for me. – Singed

The whirlwind of death engulfs all! – Yasuo

Power belongs to the wild. – Nidalee

You only need to click once, fool. – Malzahar

Life is too short for fear. – Vayne

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