Latin Quotes About Pain

Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori. – It is sweet and glorious to die for one’s country.

Mors certa, hora incerta. – Death is certain, its hour is uncertain.

Dolor est potentia. – Pain is power.

Per aspera ad astra. – Through hardships to the stars.

Dolor patior, et discipulor. – I suffer pain, and I learn.

Memento mori. – Remember that you will die.

Dolor in longum est servitium. – Pain is a long servitude.

In medio doloris sileo. – In the midst of pain, I am silent.

Dolor est medicina. – Pain is medicine.

Quid agis, si dolor te superat? – What will you do if the pain overcomes you?

Nihil tam durum est, quam meminisse felicitatis in infelicitate. – Nothing is so hard as to remember happiness in times of pain.

Cura doloris melior est, quam cura dolorum. – The care of pain is better than the care of pains.

Dolor non est optima consolatio, sed amara medicina. – Pain is not the best consolation, but a bitter medicine.

Timide, fortiter feram dolorem. – I will bear pain timidly, but courageously.

Dolor sio ardenti est ut moriamur. – Pain is so intense that we may die.

Dolor auxilium est. – Pain is a help.

Magna est vis doloris. – Great is the power of pain.

Dolor est fructus virtutis. – Pain is the fruit of virtue.

Dolori et labori virtus est. – Virtue in pain and labor.

Nihil tam triste est quam boni dolor. – Nothing is so sad as the pain of a good person.

Dolor animi magnus est. – The pain of the mind is great.

Dolor qui non est curabilis, curiose tolerandus est. – Pain that cannot be cured must be patiently endured.

Dolor est industria. – Pain is diligence.

Dolor est suave medicamentum. – Pain is a sweet medicine.

Dolor crucis viam ostendit. – Pain shows the way of the cross.

Liberum est dolori fidere. – It is a relief to trust in pain.

Dolor est oratio. – Pain is speech.

Dolor est invisibilis. – Pain is invisible.

Dolor est sermo interior. – Pain is inner speech.

Dolor nemini confert. – Pain brings no one together.

Dolor non est quoddam melior. – Pain is not somewhat better.

Dolor est auctoritas. – Pain is authority.

In dolore pacem quaero. – In pain, I seek peace.

Dolor est virtutis testis. – Pain is a witness of virtue.

Dolor est victoria. – Pain is victory.

Dolor est modus. – Pain is a measure.

Dolor est amoris. – Pain is love.

Dolor est silentium. – Pain is silence.

Dolor est lumen. – Pain is light.

Dolor est malorum causa. – Pain is the cause of evil.

Pati doloris causa. – To suffer for the sake of pain.

Dolor est animi custos. – Pain is the guardian of the soul.

Labor et dolor vincent omnia. – Work and pain conquer all things.

Magna est vis doloris in facie lucis. – Great is the force of pain in the face of light.

Dolor est invisibilis et potestatem habet. – Pain is invisible and has power.

Dolor est vir fortis. – Pain is a strong man.

Dolor est divina potentia. – Pain is divine power.

Dolor est animae virtutem. – Pain is the virtue of the soul.

Dolor est amara medicina. – Pain is a bitter medicine.

Dolor est sol solis. – Pain is the sun of the sun.

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