Karma Revenge Quotes – Lessons on Justice and Retribution

Karma never loses an address.

Revenge may happen, but karma is guaranteed.

What goes around, comes around.

Revenge is a dish best served by karma.

Karma’s timing is impeccable.

Don’t worry about revenge; karma always delivers.

Karma’s karma is the best revenge.

When karma strikes, it strikes hard.

Karma has a way of making things right.

Revenge multiplies hate; karma multiplies blessings.

Karma is the ultimate judge and executioner.

Seeking revenge is a battle against karma; choose wisely.

Karma always finds a way to even the score.

The universe has a perfect sense of justice in karma.

Don’t take revenge; let karma do the work.

When karma catches up, it’s a force to be reckoned with.

Revenge creates enemies; karma creates life lessons.

Karma is a mirror reflecting our actions back at us.

Revenge is temporary, karma is timeless.

Karma gives everyone what they deserve, eventually.

Karma waits patiently; revenge acts impulsively.

Revenge hurts temporarily, karma heals eternally.

Karma is the ultimate equalizer; no one can escape it.

Don’t seek revenge; let karma handle it from here.

Karma serves justice like no other.

Revenge may bring momentary satisfaction; karma brings lasting peace.

Karma doesn’t discriminate; it treats everyone equally.

Karma Revenge Quotes – Lessons on Justice and Retribution part 2

Revenge is a dance with darkness; karma is a dance with light.

Karma doesn’t forget; revenge doesn’t forgive.

Don’t stoop to revenge; let karma handle the dirty work.

Karma’s revenge is sweeter than any human can imagine.

Revenge feeds the ego; karma nourishes the soul.

Karma knows the perfect time for revenge.

Revenge is a short-lived fire; karma is an eternal flame.

Karma reminds us that we reap what we sow.

Don’t worry about revenge; karma takes care of it.

Karma has a way of teaching us the lessons we need to learn.

Revenge is a temporary fix; karma is a permanent solution.

Karma’s payback is more poetic than any revenge plot.

Revenge is a game for the weak; karma is a game for the wise.

Karma is the ultimate mastermind of revenge.

Revenge fuels negativity; karma sparks positivity.

Karma is patient; revenge is impulsive.

Revenge breeds hate; karma cultivates love.

Karma is the universe’s way of restoring balance through revenge.

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