Karma Greed Quotes: Enlightening Words on Desire and Retribution

your beliefs dont make you a better person your behavior does. 26

The chains of karma bind greed like an eternal curse.

When greed is your guide, you will never escape the maze of karma.

Greed plants seeds of sorrow that are harvested by karma.

The shadow of greed is always followed by the dawn of karma.

The wheel of karma grinds slowly, but it grinds greed finely.

Karma keeps a ledger of greed?s debts and will collect with interest.

Karma is the silent spectator who repays greed in its own coin.

Greed is the thief of karma’s tranquility.

Karma whispers to greed, ‘What you reap, you will sow.’

Greed may take, but karma will always give back.

In the echo of greed’s shouts, karma’s whisper is heard.

Feeding greed attracts financial riches but starves the soul of karma’s blessings.

The greed of the moment becomes the karma of tomorrow.

When greed meets karma, there?s a debt to be paid.

Greed may fill your pockets, but it empties karma’s goodwill.

Greed?s victory is short-lived, for karma is a patient hunter.

Karma, the timeless universe’s judge, always delivers the bill to greed’s doorstep.

The bigger the greed, the heavier the karma.

Paths paved with greed lead to the home of remorse, where karma resides.

Greed’s reflection is always magnified in karma’s mirror.

Karma has a way of reaching the greedy, like a boomerang of justice.

The greed of desire has no limit; karma, however, keeps a meticulous account.

Surrender your greed to karma, for it is an audacious debtor.

When greed is your only guide, be prepared for karma to turn the tide.

Karma ? the ultimate equalizer for the acts of the greedy.

Seeds of greed only blossom into a cruel karma.

Greed creates a powerful karma, one that always comes knocking at your door.

When greed seeds your fortunes, karma determines the reaping.

Karma doesn?t overlook the greedy; it overloads them with their own measures.

Never feed your success with greed, or karma will be a ruthless beast for you.

Greed builds a web of deceit that karma slices through.

Greed blinds the soul, but karma restores sight in the form of consequences.

Karma matches every act of greed with an equal measure of recoil.

Ownership is temporary; the karma of greed, however, outlasts a lifetime.

Those who sow greed will reap the painful harvest of karma.

The waves of greed you create today will someday form karma’s tsunami.

Karma waits patiently for the greedy, returning what was never truly theirs.

Feed your greed and you will starve your soul. Karma does not negotiate.

Karma has a way of making the greediest hands empty.

The path of greed may seem rewarding, but karma knows the destination.

Karma is the universe’s way of serving justice to the greedy.

Your greed will lead you to karma’s doorstep.

When you choose greed over fairness, you invite karma to your door.

A greedy heart sets the stage for karma’s act.

Greed is a ticket to a rendezvous with karma.

Karma never loses an address, especially not the one of greed.

Greed is the bridge between satisfaction and karma’s retribution.

Karma recycles greed into lessons of humility.

The orchestra of life plays a symphony called ‘Karma’ for the greedy.

Greed may fill your pockets, but karma knows how to empty them.

Karma has a mirror that reflects only greed.

Greed is a boomerang thrown by ignorant hands, caught by karma’s wisdom.

Greed lures you with temporary pleasure, but karma drags you back with eternal lessons.

Chase greed and you’ll meet karma; embrace gratitude and you’ll find peace.

Karma’s the teacher, greed is the class you don’t want to enroll in.

The feast of greed always ends with the bill of karma.

Karma to greed is like a shadow to light, inevitably connected.

He who plants seeds of greed, shall harvest thorns of karma.

Greed wears the crown in the kingdom of loss, and karma plays the executioner.

Karma’s ink writes a tale of remorse on the blank pages of greed.

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